Is the Federal Reserve to Blame For Economic Issues?

The White House has recently made a public statement blaming the economic volatility the United States stock exchange has been facing due to the Federal Reserve’s ‘interventions’ rather than the uncertainty caused by the current USA & China trade war.

Federal Reserve image 933939
The Federal Reserve is the Central Bank of the United States. This image is of the Eccles Building – the Federal Reserve System’s headquarters. (Image: Wikipedia)

The truth is, with a marketplace with billions of moving parts, its virtually impossible to assign blame to what possibly could be the true root cause of the economic volatility. Several economic components contribute to a country’s economic climate. However, our economists can make highly educated guesses; and what we can do for you is tell you how to be prepared should the bull market turn bear.

Reconcile Your Debt

With the volatility in the US economy making the leaps and bounds it has, with total uncertainty in resolution with China, economists can agree with a certain level of certainty that American economic growth should slow down within the next 1-2 years.

What this means for consumers is not to pull the plug and start taking their stocks out, but it does mean that people should feel more concerned now about their spending habits.

It’s been proven that during bull markets, citizens in general spend more frivolously on everyday items, events, etc. But during a bear market, uncertainty over the future of their careers set in, causing many individuals to start tucking away money.

Your job is to get massively behind the 8-ball, and start holding onto money now. When things get tougher, you want to have the ability to thrive, because a lot of opportunities emerge when you are in a secure place in an insecure market.

So, whether you’re holding onto money in order to create a safety net should you have an occupation that is in a precarious position, or you’re putting some money aside to make more powerful investments, you can’t go wrong by making sure you do have cash on hand.

Have Courage

The next thing you can do if you’re looking to come out victorious in an economically difficult time is to have courage. What do we mean by that?

The truth is, we are not sure at all what the future has in store for us. A trade deal could be struck and we could have another 6-12+ years of thriving bull market. We live in exciting times. But even if you were to take the conventional idea that, hey we’re headed for a correction any day now, this is still a great time to take action.

The United States, thanks to actions taken by the Federal Reserve, now has the lowest national average of loan rates the country has ever seen.

If you find a deal that appears to be lucrative for you, such as a real estate property that has come onto the market because the seller is desperate for cash, you should consider purchasing it.

In any market, whether the economy is expanding rapidly or slowing down, there are always opportunities to be seized. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by.