What are anchor texts?

An Anchor Text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink within a website. It is typically formatted to be easily distinguished from the surrounding text, frequently highlighted, and presented in a different color. This text is super important because it informs the user and search engines about the content of the link’s destination.

The term “Hyperlink Label” means the same as “Anchor Text.”

Types of anchor text

There are many types of hyperlink labels, including:

  • Exact-match

This type contains keywords that exactly match the page it’s linked to.

  • Partial-match

This one uses keywords that are variations or extensions of the linked page’s main keyword, ensuring relevance while diversifying anchor texts.

  • Branded

In this case, the brand name appears as the hyperlink label.

  • Generic

Here, you will see non-descriptive texts like “read more” or “click here.”

  • URLs

Sometimes the URL itself is used as the anchor text, for example: marketbusinessnews.com.

  • Images

When images are used as hyperlinks, their ‘alt’ attribute can serve as the hyperlink label, providing context for search engines and users who may not see the image.

Importance in SEO

Here are some reasons why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is super important when using anchor texts:

  • Content and relevance

Hyperlink labels give context to search engines about the content on the linked page, which affects how the page ranks.

  • User experience

If the hyperlink labels are well written, they can improve the user’s experience by providing clear indications of the linked content, making web navigation intuitive.

Image with a definition and example of ANCHOR TEXT.
Image created by Market Business News.

Best practices

The following are some of the best practices to keep in mind when you are using anchor texts:

  • Relevance

Make sure that they are relevant to the page that they are linking to.

  • Variety

Vary them to avoid penalties from search engines for over-optimization.

  • Natural inclusion

Ensure that anchor texts are integrated seamlessly into your content, preserving the natural flow and readability for a better user experience.

  • Avoid over-optimization

Excessive use of exact-match hyperlink labels can appear manipulative to search engines and may result in penalties. Strive for a balanced and organic approach.


There are several challenges when using anchor texts, including:

  • Balancing act

Striking the right balance between optimization and the use of hyperlink texts can be demanding.

  • Changing algorithms

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing; some practices that worked before may not be effective anymore.

Video – What is a Hyperlink?

This interesting video presentation, from our sister channel in YouTube – Marketing Business Network, explains what a ‘Hyperlink’ is using simple and easy-to-understand language and examples.

Written by Nicolas Perez Diaz