Proven Ways to Find the Best Employees

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Finding the best staff is getting harder.

Finding great employees is becoming more difficult by the day. In 2018, almost 70% of HR experts claimed that they have problems filling positions. These numbers have doubled since 2013. And this entire issue is due to accentuate in the future. However, there are certain steps and tricks that will help HR professionals find the best candidates and ensure lower expenses when it comes to training and forming them.

Re-evaluate Your Recruitment Process

The days when employers only had to post a job opening on job recruitment websites are long gone. HR professionals seem to have a more difficult task today when it comes to finding employees which correspond to job descriptions. This means that they have to re-evaluate their recruitment process and try new methods to find the best candidates out there. New tools and outlets have to be used today for maximising the recruitment outcomes. Below are described only some of the best tools that can be used in this process.

  • LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great platform that allows employers to connect with the workforce. Ask your employees who the best people they worked with previously are and connect with them. You will now have the opportunity to get in touch with the best in the field or industry. Relying on people for recommendations is a great way to handle this process. Also, using the advanced search tools integrated with LinkedIn is far more effective than what tools HR professionals previously had.
  • Email Marketing. In all companies, the data and resumes of previous candidates are stored away and never to be used again. A great recruitment idea would be to export all these data and resumes into email marketing tools and outline monthly job opportunities inside your company. This might turn into a great move that will raise candidates’ interest quite a lot.
  • Facebook Ads to Reach Passive Candidates. There are potential candidates that don’t even know that they want to start a new job. Or there may be candidates that know this aspect but aren’t actively searching for a job. To attract that workforce, Facebook Ads targeting those will boost your company’s chances to find some of the best candidates. Passive candidates will be attracted by your job posting even if they aren’t particularly searching to switch jobs.
  • Attractive Job Postings. There are several variables that make job postings attractive to potential candidates. There are multiple resources that you can use to create a better job posting than you previously did. Articles like this one are a goldmine when it comes to creating attractive job postings. In your job postings, you should include some of the best reasons why candidates should work for your company. You will shortly notice that once you offer them a good insight into the company benefits and so on, highly trained candidates will start to appear.
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Finding top quality employees is going to get more difficult.

Make Your Phone Interviews Memorable

When calling potential candidates, you want to make sure that you offer extensive information on the job description, the company and benefits offered before you start interviewing them. This will make the whole discussion memorable enough to make them save the number and answer to future calls from your company’s HR department. Otherwise, you risk them avoiding answering your phone calls. Many candidates tend not to answer HR phone calls until they perform a reverse phone lookup and figure out who the caller was.

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Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve your chances of finding the right people.

HR specialists should know that candidates prefer this approach since they can find out plenty of information on the caller, including how legitimate the enterprise is. So, before starting to call candidates, you should at least make sure that the information available online about your company is legitimate, correct and doesn’t put your enterprise into a negative light.

In the modern world, the most objective way to hire the best employee for your company is the usage of psychometric tests in your recruitment process. The tests can help to compare the abilities of candidates, measure a range of skills from cognitive abilities, knowledge to assessing personality. For example, the Wonderlic test measures general intelligence and assesses how well the candidate approaches difficult problems while under pressure. If you want to hire an employee for a managerial job position, you can invite candidates to take the Leadership test, as it identifies an individual’s ability to lead, manage, and direct others. 

Pay Attention to Candidate’s Online Activity

While candidates can certainly check out companies online, it’s best to proceed similarly and figure out which their general attitude is. For instance, you should start by checking their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles. These will offer you plenty of information if the candidate is a conflictual character, what discussion topics they like and how they interact with others. These aspects will help the HR professional figure out if the candidate is a good fit for the company culture and the team they will be working with. This will make everybody’s job significantly easier, in the end.

Finding Great Employees for Fast-Growing Companies

Finding the best candidates for companies that are growing fast is, obviously, more difficult than in other instances. The most effective ways to find suitable candidates are the following:

  • Job postings on your company website.
  • Job postings on various social media outlets.
  • Discuss with local universities and ask them to distribute the information among students.
  • Use all free job boards that you can find.
  • Use staffing agencies, when possible, since they have a generous database of potential candidates waiting to be hired.
  • Let all your employees know that you are currently hiring and ask them to get the word out.
  • Use Google for Jobs in the process. This is a very effective tool that companies can integrate with their official web pages.

Filling the Job Opening After a Highly Valuable Employee Quit

Highly skilled employees are a valuable asset to your company. However, sometimes, the job may no longer align with their own career goals. When such employees quit, filling the job opening might seem even more difficult. But still, replacing them might not be as difficult as you initially think. Search for niche job boards, make sure that you focus on those jobs with a particular skill of high interest for your job opening. You may be able to find someone suitable for this position among your employees. Let them know that the job is now vacant and that they can apply for the new position open in your company.

By using these pieces of advice, employers, no matter how large or small, can ensure that they find some of the best in the field when searching for a highly qualified workforce.