2 Ways to Fix Nox Emulator Stuck at 0 – 99% on Installing or While Setting Up

Nox App Player is an Android emulator for PC that allows you to access all the Android apps and games on your system safely. The emulator shows amazing performance and quality while running the apps.

Recently, few users have reported error while trying to install Nox Emulator that it gets stuck at 99%. The cause and solutions to fix the problem are given below.

Nox Emulator image 4444444
Image Source: https://noxemulator.org/
  • Nox Emulator stuck at 99% Installation and shows no error message

This can occur if the AMD virtualisation is not properly working. Ensure that you have VT or Virtualisation Technology on PC. The error can occur if the Graphics card or driver doesn’t allow the emulator. Download OpenGLChecker from the link to solve this.

Make sure that your system is not set to FAT32 as it has a size limit for every file you download. Please change the file system to NTFS and install Nox App Player again.

  • Nox Installation stuck at 99% displaying the error message: System has problems to Star, please try to repair.

In case you find such an error, follow the steps given below.

  • Right-click on Nox App Player and select Run as Administrator option.
  • Download Windows Repair from the link and unzip the file.
  • Open Windows Repair on PC to start the process.
  • Navigate to Repairs section and click on Start Repairs option.
  • If you don’t wish to restart the PC after the repair, untick the box and then start the process.

If you are still facing issues, do email the error message, computer specifications and the log files mentioned below to the given mail id.

C:Users<Your Name>AppDataLocalNoxNox.log
C:Users<Your Name>vmlog.log

I personally faced the this 99% stuck while installing my favorite third party store called, TopStore. It was my only app to get my favorite third party apps, games and tweaked applications. Like TopStore App, if you face any issue while installing app or game, do check above methods and fix it.

Do mention if you are facing the issue every time you try and keep in touch.


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