Fleet monitoring systems you should integrate in 2022

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Businesses exist to earn money and every extraneous dollar spent on fleet operating costs detracts from that goal. Inevitably, when people are involved, variables exist that contradict the ideal way the business should run. Some issues can be overlooked or delayed simply as an annoyance while others require more immediate attention.

Fleet monitoring software solutions are constantly under development to make fleets more profitable, more efficient, safer, and more reliable. It’s become an industry unto itself to develop – one to monitor closely. Some fleet management software trends perfectly align with your company ethos while others are less relevant. Others yet are generally applicable to companies that operate in the automotive or transportation realm.

During 2022, some fleet management industry trends simply can’t be overlooked any longer. These fleet monitoring systems should be high on your priority list to integrate.

Fatigue monitoring

Distracted driving, including driving drowsy, has become one of the leading causes of crashes worldwide with eight people killed in the US alone on a daily basis. Does your company put an emphasis on promoting safe driving practices to help ensure every drive arrives home safely at the end of their trip while your unit is parked safely in the yard? If it’s part of your company’s mantra to drive safely, then distracted driving monitors should be installed.

Fleet management systems like Coretex integrate fatigue management solutions to monitor driver activity along with vehicle operations to suggest breaks to not just the driver but the dispatcher as well, establishing accountability alongside proactivity. This type of solution literally can save lives and prevent costly insurance claims.

Real-time route monitoring

Clients are often inflexible in schedules, and missing a delivery window can cause hours or days in offloading delays. It also renders a driver incapacitated while they wait for a new dock time, babysitting their load. Improved route planning should already be part of your fleet management systems, but in 2022 it’s becoming less of an optional service. Integrating an advanced route planning software provider like Samsara allows dispatchers to better control driver times and avoid delays, keeping everything on schedule.

Geofencing the service area

Corporate travel and last mile service providers have little need to travel outside a well-defined geographic area. It can be safely assumed that deviating from their zone is likely not work-related and not only uses company resources unwisely but can open up liability issues. Establishing geo-fenced boundaries may seem intrusive, but it’s a practice that can reduce operating expenses and non-productive time.

Monitoring equipment on-site

Whether on the jobsite or around the yard, some equipment needs to be diligently monitored for security reasons or simply for maintenance purposes. A typical unit would be a scissor lift or an excavator that should seldom move from within a small area. These machines are costly and can take months to replace if they break down or go missing. Monitoring through hardwired or battery-powered sensors that alert the fleet manager to issues including maintenance hours, exiting a geofence, or operation outside of hours can save thousands on replacement or repair costs.

Idle time monitors

For years, transportation and automotive industries have been working toward lowering tailpipe emissions. Some fleets do extremely well at it while others are less intentional and, subsequently, less successful. In 2022, it’s time to take action against excessive idling as fleets account for 29% of greenhouse gases from tailpipe emissions. Fleet management software development providers like Verizon Connect can break down idle time per vehicle so drivers can be coached or educated accurately.

Your fleet can achieve cost savings, safety improvements, and environmental efficiencies in the current year. Developers like Star company and other fleet and automotive digital services are working hard to make fleets meet their goals with these monitoring systems and other solutions.

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