FlowBots Review

FlowBots is a trading platform built to cater to developers and traders. Developed based on real experiences, it offers tools tailored to your needs. Some highlights are the Replikanto copier letting you mirror expert traders, and the Average Price SuperDom column simplifying order management. FlowBots cares about transparency, providing free trials of all products. Suitable for newbies and pros alike.

FlowBots aims to make trading accessible. An intuitive interface, demo accounts, and helpful support keep you up and running quickly. Automated features handle routine tasks so you can focus on the thrill of the markets. Community is key. FlowBots connects traders, developers, and educators worldwide. Share insights, get guidance, or find a mentor in the built-in social network.

Overall, FlowBots brings powerful technology and human expertise together in one place. Give the free trial a go and see how it can enhance your trading. The supportive environment and wealth of resources help you reach your full potential. On that note, here is a detailed FlowBots review.

Key FlowBots Products

FlowBots offers innovative trading tools for every need. Their lineup was designed for precision, user-friendliness, and market intuition. From flagship solutions to specialized tools, there’s something for all traders. With solutions for scalpers, automated traders, and everyone in between, FlowBots has you covered. 

Their intuitive, user-friendly products are designed to give every trader an edge. Some key FlowBots features include:

  • Replikanto Trader Copier
  • Remote Credit Replikanto 
  • Additional Machines 
  • Average Price SuperDom Column 
  • Average Price Indicator 
  • Scalper Ticket

FlowBots Product Features and Details

The FlowBots offer several useful features for automating your social media marketing.

Replikanto Trade Copier Features

  • Diverse Replication Methods: Whether you like to copy trades exactly, proportionally, or use a ratio, Replikanto has you covered. Choose between cloning trades precisely or customizing replication to suit your needs.
  • Network/Remote Mode: Copy trades across different machines for increased flexibility. Remotely manage your trading activity for maximum discretion.
  • Stealth Mode: Keep your trading private and untraceable. Replikanto’s stealth mode hides your account information and trading activity.
  • Pricing: Replikanto offers affordable pricing, starting at $99 for a single machine one-year license and up to $249 for a lifetime license on two machines.

Replikanto Remote Credit

  • Compatibility: Applicable for utilization with Replikanto versions 1.4 and later that incorporate the ‘Remote Mode’ feature.
  • Instant Accessibility: Following payment, credits become immediately accessible within the Replikanto system without requiring a system restart.
  • Credit Renewal: Users can effortlessly employ the “Refresh Credits” option in their Replikanto menu to renew their credit balance.
  • Tailored for Leaders: Solely, the leader necessitates these credits; followers can engage without them.
  • Upon purchase, users will be prompted to provide their Replikanto Remote ID. The credits are exclusive to this specific ID and aren’t transferable. The ‘Replikanto Remote Credits’ pricing varies from $10 to $200.

Replikanto Additional Machines License

  • System Requirements: Ensure you have Windows 10 or higher for seamless compatibility.
  • Lifetime Validity: Your additional license purchase comes with lifetime validity, offering enduring value for your investment.
  • Exclusive Offer: Only available to current Replikanto add-on owners, signifying the premium nature of this offer.
  • Affordable Pricing: Ranges from $50 to $100. A lifetime additional machine license is $100, while a 1-year additional machine license is $50.

Average Price SuperDom Column

  • Average Price Computation: Your average price is accurately calculated right from the initial execution.
  • Consideration of Commission Expenses: This tool also incorporates commission costs, providing a comprehensive overview of your financial performance.
  • Real-time Profit and Loss Display: Monitor your Profit and Loss in terms of Currency, Percentage, Pips, Points, or Ticks, inclusive or exclusive of commissions.
  • Execution Indicators: Visual markers at each price level and the last price execution indicator ensure you are well-informed about pivotal moments throughout your trading journey. The company’s commitment to user empowerment and satisfaction is further underlined by its transparent approach, highlighted by its free trial offer.

Average Price Indicator

The Average Price Indicator gives you an at-a-glance view of your overall position performance. The indicator utilizes all filled orders from the start of the position to give the most accurate average price so you know precisely how you’re performing.

With the Average Price indicator, you get the full picture of your trading to make better decisions. Both the raw average price and average price, including commissions, are displayed so you understand the total impact on your bottom line.

Scalper Ticket

  • Seamless Order Quantity Adjustment: Effortlessly modify order quantities, optimizing the efficiency of trade execution. Horizontal Price Presentation: Display ASK and BID book prices in an intuitive horizontal layout.
  • Deep Market Insight: Attain a profound understanding through a color-coded alarm feature highlighting market depth intensity. Swift Position Reversal: Utilize the “Invert Position” button for rapid position reversals.
  • Secure Strategy Testing: Safely test strategies using simulated order functionality. Comprehensive Position Details: Stay well-informed with specifics such as quantity, average price, and unrealized profit & loss.
  • Flexible Profit and Loss Display: Opt for diverse display units for profit and loss, including currency, percentage, pips, points, and ticks. Accurate Average Price Calculation: Ensures precise computations of average price.
  • User-Friendly Design: Engaging and easily recognizable colorful buttons streamline your trading experience.
  • Pricing: An engaging, easy-to-use interface with colorful buttons simplifies your trading experience. FlowBots range from $0 to $79.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Install FlowBots Products

To download and install FlowBots, follow these simple steps:

Downloading the Product

Once you’ve paid for your purchase, head to the download page. You’ll find the .zip NinjaScript add-on file. No need to unzip it, even if upgrading to the latest version.

Dealing with Updates

If NinjaTrader shows a message saying a newer version is installed when updating, click ‘Yes’ to continue.

Installation Procedure

To integrate FlowBots into NinjaTrader, do this:

  • Navigate to the ‘Tools’ section.
  • Click the ‘Import’ option.
  • Opt for ‘NinjaScript Add-On.’
  • At this point, locate and pick the .zip file of the NinjaScript add-on that you had previously downloaded.
  • During this process, you might encounter several confirmation windows. You must approve all of them to guarantee a smooth installation.

That’s it! Once done, your FlowBots product will be seamlessly embedded in NinjaTrader, ready to maximize. Follow these instructions carefully, and you’ll be up and running in no time. Let the bot trading begin!

Who Can Benefit from FlowBots?

Seasoned and Aspiring Traders

If you’re an experienced trader looking to expand your arsenal or a new trader ready to dip your toes into algorithmic trading, FlowBots is for you. The platform makes it easy to build, test and deploy trading bots. 

Developers Eyeing the Trading Industry

For developers interested in fintech, FlowBots provides an intuitive graphical interface to build, test and deploy trading algorithms without learning a new programming language. You can drag and drop blocks to construct basic bots in minutes or dive into the code behind each block to build highly customized strategies. 

NinjaTrader Enthusiasts

If you’re already familiar with NinjaTrader, FlowBots will feel familiar but simplified. The platform connects directly to NinjaTrader for charting trades, market data, and order execution but provides an easy-to-use interface for bot building without the complexity of NinjaScript. 

Curious Minds

For anyone curious to learn about algorithmic trading and backtesting software, FlowBots is a great place to start. You can build basic bots with no coding required to see how automated strategies work in a risk-free simulated environment. 

As you get more comfortable, peek under the hood to learn programming concepts and more advanced techniques at your own pace. FlowBots makes algorithmic trading accessible to anyone with an inquisitive mind.

FlowBots Pros and Cons Based on FlowBots Reviews

If you’re trying to decide if FlowBots is right for you, consider some of the pros and cons based on FlowBots reviews:


  • Developed to meet genuine trader requirements.
  • Encompasses a diverse range of trading tools.
  • Extends a complimentary trial for all its offerings.
  • Compatible and functions effectively with NinjaTrader.
  • Diverse and effective customer support avenues.
  • Suitable for both novices and seasoned experts.
  • Transparent presentation of pricing information.


  • Certain products necessitate Windows 10 or higher.
  • Products involve a multi-step setup procedure.

Our Verdict: Is FlowBots Worth It?

As a trader, finding tools to streamline your process is key. FlowBots provides software tailored to your needs. For new traders, FlowBots offers guidance to get started. The platform provides education and strategies from experts to help you learn the ropes.

Seasoned traders benefit from precision tools for analysis and automation. FlowBots combines machine learning with human insights to give you an edge. Whether you’re looking to understand the basics or take your trading to the next level, FlowBots has solutions. The platform makes trading accessible so you can focus on succeeding.

Overall, FlowBots is designed to benefit traders of all skill levels. The software, education, and community give you the power to elevate your trading. For these reasons, we highly recommend giving FlowBots a try. Click here to get started on FlowBots today.