From Social Media to Digital Media: Here’s How to Enhance Your Experience

In 2022, just about everyone is “plugged in” to one form of media or another in the western world. And no matter if this is done by scrolling through a social media feed, gaming, or streaming entertainment, it’s hard to go anywhere without being affected by today’s tech.

It’s been estimated that about 7 in 10 people in the United States are on some form of social media as of 2022. And other reports suggest that this number could be even higher. And since this represents 70 to 80 percent of the population, that’s a lot of people walking around plugged into social networks.

But while most people simply jump on social media just to keep up with friends, or download entertainment media to their devices, others prefer to enhance their experience in interesting and sometimes lucrative ways.

So how do you enhance your digital experience in today’s technologically advanced world? In the following, we’ll offer a few suggestions for you to do so.

Digital Entertainment

Today’s digital entertainment resources are vast. And one could easily get overwhelmed with all of the choices for accessing media in today’s world. But believe it or not, many of our digital devices come with certain restrictions or limitations which makes it difficult to access all of the content that you like.

For example, big tech companies like to keep the competition healthy. As such, one device may offer certain features that others don’t. But that leaves you as a consumer choosing between one service and another. And if you want access to all of your preferred entertainment, you’ll either end up with a pile of devices that you have to upgrade every other year, or a stack of streaming service subscriptions that can be costly.So how do you get around this? The answer is to sideload your device with apps that will allow you to play your favorite content from one device.

For example, you can sideload a Firestick with apps that allow you to access content not available on Amazon. And this can actually save you money from having to pay for additional streaming services.

Social Media

As mentioned, just about everyone is on some form of social media. And while most social media users simply have one or two profiles just so they can share stories or stay in touch with friends and family, others use their social media to truly enhance their lives.

For example, with social sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can do the following:

  • Promote products and services
  • Build a business
  • Become an influencer
  • Build a marketing campaign
  • Build a resume
  • Showcase your talents
  • Earn money from views
  • Teach
  • Host and organize events
  • Promote awareness of social issues
  • Share mindless junk

Those who choose to use social tools to their advantage can actually build an impressive side-income as well. And as life in the 21st Century has become rather expensive, any additional padding in the savings account is welcomed by anyone.

For example, with social sites such as YouTube or TikTok, or even by posting videos on Facebook, if your posts gain a large enough following and you begin seeing a large volume of views, you can earn an income just from your videos through social ad programs.


No matter what form of media you use, chances are you use a wireless connection most of the time. And even if you don’t, you need to ensure that your information is secure otherwise you could become a victim of cybercrime.

In 2022, cybercrime is a very real threat. And thankfully there are many measures that you can take to ensure that your digital experience is safe.

For example, while browsing online, you could use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access your media through a secure channel. And this allows you not only to browse in private, but to share files and downloads on a secure server as well.

In addition to VPNs, using strong encryptions and changing your passwords frequently can keep you safe from data leaks and make it harder for a hacker to gain access to your sensitive information.

With all of the digital media and entertainment, we have available today, there are even more ways to enhance your experience. And when you take advantage of these tools, you’ll find that your digital experience in today’s world can be much more enjoyable, and safer, and it can become quite lucrative as well.

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