Funded Trading Plus Coupon

In the realm of funded trading, one name has made significant waves in recent times – Funded Trading Plus. This platform has become the trusted partner of countless traders across the globe, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their trading skills and earn real funding to trade in live markets.

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  • What is Funded Trading Plus?

Funded Trading Plus is an innovative platform that allows aspiring traders to access funding for their trading accounts. Founded by three traders – Simon M., James F., and Michael C. – Funded Trading Plus emerged from Trade Room Plus, a popular live trade room.

The team recognized a common challenge for many traders: limited capital. They created Funded Trading Plus to provide a solution. The platform supplies funding for traders who meet their evaluation criteria.

Funded Trading Plus evaluates traders based on their risk management skills and trading strategies. During the evaluation, traders demonstrating strong skills and consistent profitability gain access to funding for their trading accounts.

The funding model is unique. Rather than taking a percentage of profits, Funded Trading Plus only deducts a small percentage of the funding amount as a monthly fee. Traders get to keep a high percentage of the profits. Here is a Funded Trading Plus review to help you decide if Funded Trading Plus is for you.

  • How Does Funded Trading Plus Work?

Getting started with Funded Trading Plus is simple. Traders sign up for one of the evaluation accounts, which varies based on the account size chosen.

The evaluation program has two phases: the assessment phase and the funded account phase. In the assessment phase, traders reach a specific profit goal without exceeding daily or maximum drawdown limits. Unlike some prop firms, Funded Trading Plus offers unlimited time to reach the profit goal, allowing traders the freedom to trade at their own pace.

Traders choose an evaluation account size that suits their needs and trading style. The assessment phase allows traders to prove their skills with a demo account. Reach the target profit within the risk parameters and earn a funded account.

The rules are straightforward. Don’t exceed the daily loss limit or maximum drawdown; achieve the required profit target. Take as much time as you need. Many traders complete the assessment in a few months, but you have unlimited time to trade at your speed. 

  • What Are The Different Funded Trading Plus Options?

Funded Trading Plus offers three main program options for traders based on their experience level. Each program provides funding, training resources, and account management to help you become a successful trader.

  • The Experienced Trader Program

For traders with a solid understanding of the markets, the Experienced Trader Program provides an initial range from $12,500 to $200,000. The features of this program are:

  • Profit Split: Initially 80/20, with the possibility of increasing to 90/10
  • Profit Target: Set at 10%
  • Drawdown: Relative Drawdown limited to 6%, and Daily Drawdown not to exceed 3%
  • Trading Platform: MT4 or MT5
  • Account Size: Flexible, varying from $12,500 to $200,000
  • Refundable Fee: The refundable fee starts at $119 and may increase up to $999, depending on the chosen account size
  • Minimum Trading Days: None
  • The Advanced Trader Program

The Advanced Trader Program is ideal for accomplished traders seeking higher capital. The key features include: 

  • Profit Split: Initially set at 80/20, with the potential to advance to 90/10
  • Profit Target: Phase 1 requires achieving a 10% profit, while Phase 2 entails a 5% profit target
  • Drawdown: Relative Drawdown is limited to 10%, and Daily Drawdown should not exceed 5%
  • Trading Platform: MT4 or MT5
  • Account Size: Flexible, ranging from $25,000 to $200,000
  • Refundable Fee: The refundable fee starts at $199 and scales up to $999 based on the chosen account size
  • Minimum Trading Days: None
  • The Master Trader Program

The Master Trader Program skips the evaluation phase and provides instant funding of $25,000 to $200,000 based on your trading track record and references. Its features include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluation Type: Instant Funding (No Evaluation)
  • Profit Split: Starting at 70/30, with the possibility of increasing up to 90/10
  • Drawdown: Relative Drawdown is limited to 5% of the initial balance
  • Trading Platform: MT4 or MT5
  • Account Size: Flexible, ranging from $5,000 to $100,000
  • One-Time Fee: Depending on the chosen account size, the one-time fee varies between $225 and $4,500
  • Minimum Trading Days: None
  • Who Is Funded Trading Plus Built For?

Funded Trading Plus is ideal for experienced day traders looking for flexibility and generous profit potential. 

  • Experienced Traders

The firm’s Advanced Trader Programs and generous profit splits—up to 80%—make it an attractive choice for experienced traders with a proven track record of success. You’ll get to keep a large portion of the profits you generate.

  • Day Traders

The services of Funded Trading Plus are geared toward individuals who prefer active day trading. With the chance to trade using the firm’s capital and keep up to 80% of your profits, it’s an appealing opportunity for ambitious day traders.

  • Traders Seeking Flexibility

Funded Trading Plus accepts a wide range of trading strategies, providing flexibility for traders. If you demonstrate a profitable approach, the firm will consider funding you. They offer programs for stocks, forex, futures, and options trading so you can focus on the market(s) you know best. If this sounds like you, sign up today and start trading. Use our coupon code to save 10% on sign-up.

  • What Are The Funded Trading Plus Features?

Fubded Trading Plus designed its platform with traders in mind. Their proprietary portal makes it easy to track all your numbers and stats so you can optimize your trading. 

Between their intuitive platform, simplified rules, nominal audition fees, unlimited withdrawals, and fast funding, Finded Trading Plus created an ideal environment for traders looking to take their skills to the next level with a funded account. 

The features they offer eliminate many of the hassles and restrictions traders often face, so you can focus on what matters: profitable trading.

  • Simplified rules

As your account grows, the rules stay the same. The firm established straightforward rules for their audition and funding programs that don’t change as you progress. You can focus on trading rather than keeping up with complicated rule changes.

  • One-time audition fee

You only need to pay an audition fee to get your account funded. Once you pass, you’re funded and keeping a large portion of the profits.

  • No Minimums For Withdrawals

You have unlimited access to the profits you generate. Funded Trading Plus doesn’t impose any monthly withdrawal minimums or hold your profits hostage. The money you make is yours to withdraw whenever you want.

  • Immediate Funding

Rather than a lengthy multi-step process, funded traders get immediate access to their accounts after passing the audition. You can start trading with your new capital right away.

  • What Are The Pros and Cons of Funded Trading Plus?

Funded Trading Plus has pros and cons, like any funded trading program. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider. These are based on online Funded Trading Plus reviews.

  • Pros

  • Flexibility
  • No Time Constraints
  • Diverse Trading Strategies
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Cons

  • Maximum drawdown limit
  • No overnight trading
  • Is Funded Trading Plus Worth It? 

If you’re looking for a way to get into the world of funded trading without risking your capital, Funded Trading Plus is a legitimate trading firm based on user reviews. They offer generous profit splits, various account types to suit different experience and capital levels and a stable platform with good educational resources. 

The evaluation process is reasonably straightforward as well. Of course, as with any prop firm, there is competition to get funded and maintain your account, but if you’ve got the skills and discipline, this could be an exciting opportunity. 

The potential to earn a full-time living from trading with none of the financial risks is pretty appealing. Click here to learn more about Funded Trading Plus. Use our coupon code today to save 10% to start your trading journey.

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