FundYourFX Review: A New Age of Prop Trading

In a nutshell: Unlike traditional prop trading firms that enforce stringent trading rules and challenges, FundYourFX offers unrestricted access to trading accounts, allowing traders like you to apply their unique trading strategy. 

The best part? There’s no liability for losses, making it an attractive platform for novice and experienced traders.

The company’s trading activities with social responsibility make it stand out. Even in the volatile realm of news trading, FundYourFX has got traders covered with its unique maximum drawdown limit.

Although the founders remain anonymous, the driving philosophy is crystal clear – creating a social prop trading platform accessible to all and fostering an environment for successful traders. 

FundYourFX is a beacon of innovation and trading freedom in Forex. Read on to know if this prop firm perfectly fits your trading style. 

Pros and Cons 


  • No trading challenges.
  • Instant live accounts.
  • Potential funding up to $1.75 million.
  • Allows diverse trading strategies and Expert Advisors.
  • Charitable donation initiative.
  • Refundable fees.


  • It’s a new platform.
  • Limited user reviews are available.

What is FundYourFX Funding?

FundYourFX is a proprietary trading platform allowing traders to trade with its funds, mitigating personal financial risk. 

It stands out due to its unique model of functioning, which doesn’t require traders to put up their capital. Instead, they use FundYourFX’s funds to carry out trading activities.

Once onboarded, traders are given a funded account and can keep a significant share of their profits. 

The platform is renowned for its flexibility, allowing traders to use any trading strategy, trade anytime, and even use Expert Advisors for automated trading.

FundYourFX offers several account levels with varying initial balances, profit splits, and growth potential. These cater to different experience levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. 

Its unique model and ethos make it an attractive platform for traders seeking a risk-averse, flexible, and socially responsible trading environment.

How Does FundYourFX Work?

FundYourFX operates with an innovative approach to the trading world, providing unique opportunities to its traders. Its user-friendly interface and diverse trading opportunities offer unique features catering to traders. Here’s a detailed guide explaining how it works.

Instant Funding & Zero Loss Liability

When you pay for your selected funded trading program, you get immediate access to a live trading account. 

Your trading capital increases every time you reach a profit of 10%, following the platform’s trading rules. Also, the zero-loss liability feature ensures you are not held responsible for any losses.

Unrestricted Trading 

FundYourFX stands out for its flexibility. It allows any trading strategy or style, including news trading, hedging positions, and leaving trades open overnight or over the weekend. 

The platform even permits using your own Expert Advisors (EAs), thus accommodating a wide array of trading preferences.

Profit Payout & Refundable Fees

Following the platform’s rules, the company offers up to 70% of all earnings as profit payout once you hit a 10% profit. 

This payout happens automatically through your preferred payment method. The setup fee you initially paid is refundable after your 5th profit split.

Personal Support & Real Funding

FundYourFX ensures that every funded trader has a personal contact person for any queries or feedback. Live accounts are provided from day one, enabling traders to test their skills and psychology in real-time trading scenarios.

Potential for Growth

With consistency, traders can leverage their skills for account growth up to $1.75M. After the first profit split, the platform will continue to increase your account until you reach this maximum cap.

Plan Selection & Start Trading

Choose your preferred Funded Trader Program plan (Starter £147 / Standard £297 / Professional £577), process the fees, and sign the contract. You will then receive your funded account and can start trading to earn profits.

FundYourFX operates with a simple yet effective process, ensuring a seamless trading journey from instant funding to profitable trading while offering personal support and flexibility. 

It gives traders unique opportunities to scale their skills and earn profits in a supportive, risk-controlled environment.

Who is FundYourFX Best For?

FundYourFX caters to a different spectrum of traders, from novices seeking a low-risk approach to seasoned professionals desiring higher trading limits and more strategic freedom. Here’s a detailed breakdown of who might find the platform most advantageous:

Novice Traders

Understanding and managing trading risks can be daunting if you’re new to the trading world. FundYourFX’s zero loss liability and the clear presentation of actual trading requirements provide a safe and supportive environment for beginners to hone their skills and become a prop trader.

Risk-Averse Traders 

For those who appreciate a more cautious approach to trading, FundYourFX is an excellent fit. The platform ensures that users are never liable for losses, removing the stress of potential financial setbacks and enabling a more comfortable, risk-averse trading experience.

Intermediate to Advanced Traders

Traders with more experience can take advantage of the 90-day trading term and the potential to scale their accounts up to $1.75M. Using any trading strategy or style and keeping positions open overnight or over the weekend offers enhanced flexibility and more opportunities to profit.

Automated Trading Enthusiasts

The platform is compatible with any Expert Advisor (EA) for those who favor an automated approach to trading. This means traders who prefer automated trading robots for their strategy can fully use them on this platform.

Disciplined Traders

Understanding the complexities of prop trading is crucial for success in this field. Traders who demonstrate disciplined trading by following the platform’s rules can benefit significantly from the cutting-edge Forex prop trading opportunities offered by FundYourFX. 

They can navigate the market dynamics effectively while adhering to the platform’s guidelines to maximize returns.

FundYourFX Funding

FundYourFX has curated a variety of plans to cater to different types of Forex traders. Among these, the Starter plan emerges as an appealing choice, particularly for traders at the early stages of their trading journey.

The Starter Plan

This beginner-friendly trader program requires an initial deposit of a refundable fee of £147. Upon signing up, traders are allocated a funded account with real funds and a starting balance of $6,000. 

One of the unique features of this plan is the scope for growth, with traders having the potential to boost their account balance up to $500,000.

The Starter plan stands out with its favorable profit share scheme. Traders enjoy a 70 percent profit split, while the prop company shoulders the risks associated with the trading strategies. This advantage sets the stage for profitable traders to thrive.

Additionally, the Starter plan offers personalized support to ensure traders are well-equipped to manage their accounts effectively. The refundable fee feature underscores the firm’s commitment to providing access to capital with minimal risk.

FundYourFX’s Comprehensive Plan and Scaling Structure

Expanding upon the Starter plan, FundYourFX offers two more advanced plans: Standard and Professional. Both are designed to offer traders an even higher degree of capital access and profitability potential.

Standard plan 

The Standard plan commences with a refundable deposit of £297. Traders are given a minimum balance of $15,000, which can potentially escalate to nearly a million dollars. As with the Starter plan, traders receive a 70 percent profit split and personal support, with an additional advantage of a scaling plan for successful traders.

Professional plan

For those seeking exclusive trading experience, the Professional plan is the answer. It requires a refundable deposit of £577 and provides traders with an initial funding of $30,000. 

This account offers the highest potential gains on the platform, with the possibility of increasing the balance to over $1.7 million. Like the other plans, it includes personal support and carries no risk.

FundYourFX Scaling Plan Program

Regardless of the chosen plan, FundYourFX provides its traders a robust Scaling Program with eight levels. This structure allows traders to gradually increase their funding as their trading skills and confidence grow.

For the Starter plan, Level 1 begins with a funding balance of $6,000 and a max drawdown of 5%. As traders progress through the levels, their funding increases, reaching up to $500,000 in Level 8, the highest level for the Starter plan. 

License and Regulatory Status FundYourFX

Despite its comprehensive trading experience, some traders may question FundYourFX’s need for official regulatory licenses. 

It’s essential to understand that this proprietary trading company doesn’t operate within the traditional brokerage realm; therefore, it’s not bound by the same restrictive rules.

FundYourFX provides traders with trading capital from its resources, negating the need for traders to invest from their own pockets. This unique approach to Forex trading sets it apart from conventional brokers, which often require personal investments.

Despite the concerns, the company’s innovative structure allows traders to experience unrestricted trading with defined maximum trading days and the potential for significant profits.

While the lack of a regulatory certificate may concern some, it is crucial to remember that. 

FundYourFX’s model does not indicate non-compliance but rather a new, transformative approach to Forex trading. It’s a pioneering venture redefining the concept of a trading platform in the financial world.

How To Request Payouts on FundYourFX

Receiving payouts from FundYourFX is a straightforward process that ensures traders can readily access their profits. The following steps explain how traders can request their payouts:

Provide Personal and Account Information

To begin the payout request process, traders must fill out a form with their full names and account details. This information is crucial to ensure the payout is directed to the correct individual and account.

Select Payment Method

After providing the necessary details, traders can choose their preferred payment method. FundYourFX accommodates diverse payment preferences, offering bank transfer or cryptocurrency options. Traders can opt for the one that suits their convenience.

Acknowledge the Payout Timeline

A pop-up message detailing the payout timeline appears next. FundYourFX usually processes payout requests after the end of the trading week, i.e., post-Friday. Traders must acknowledge this timeframe to manage their expectations accordingly.

Meet the Profit Threshold

Before the payout is confirmed, traders must ensure they’ve met the platform’s profit threshold, set at 10 percent according to FundYourFX’s rules. Once this target is hit, the payout is confirmed, and the process is set in motion.

Wrapping Up 

FundYourFX presents a captivating platform that significantly eases the challenges to traders, providing distinct trading conditions that appeal to a broad audience. 

From the daring trader taking bold steps in the market to the disciplined trader meticulously following market trends, it caters to everyone. 

With generous minimum funding and a strong support system, it stands as a bridge between traders and their aspirations. Taking meticulous care of traders offers an environment where professional and novice traders can thrive. 

So, whether you’re an eligible trader seeking a platform to scale up your potential, or a newbie looking for a safe space to learn the ropes, FundYourFX could be the choice for traders you’ve been seeking. 

The platform encapsulates a forward-thinking approach to Forex trading, nurturing success in every trader’s journey. Click here to sign up and start the next phase of your carrier.

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