Giant Martian worm proof of alien life say extraterrestrial enthusiasts

There is a giant Martian worm that burrows into the Red Planet’s soil, says a group of alien life enthusiasts who compared two NASA pictures of the same place on Mars’ surface – one supposedly with and the other without a giant worm burrowing below the surface.

Tyler Glockner, who works at SecureTeam10, an organisation that claims to check through reports of alleged UFO sightings and alien encounters and publish just those that are considered interesting or with compelling evidence, is the video narrator.

Tyler is convinced that the new NASA images prove inconclusively that there is life on Mars, and not just microorganisms, but also larger creatures.

Giant worm on Mars alien life proof say enthusiastsThe two images are of the same location. Tyler believes the one on the top right has a giant worm burrowing under the Martian soil. What do you think? Mars has many storms with high winds and lots of dust blowing around. (Images: Youtube)

SecureTeam10 has posted a video on YouTube which compares two images taken from the Mars Rover camera of the same spot on the surface. One shows a location with a long cylindrical ‘creature’, while the other shows an empty place. This means the creature has moved, Tyler adds.

Many alien life hunters, especially the more impatient and imaginative ones, believe that the mega-giant worm either burrowed through the soil and is now under the ground, or travelled across the surface over land and then burrowed below. Tyler is certain it wiggles up through the dirt.

NASA, which often refutes such claims, says these types of occurrences can always be explained later by a number of factors – scientific factors – which are attributed to the environment.

On the video, Tyler says:

“You are looking at the dirt here on the Martian surface there’s nothing there and in the very next image we see this worm looking object moving through the dirt. This thing is wiggling up through the dirt whatever it is.”

Did intelligent Martians once exist?

SecureTeam10 believes that Mars was very much like Earth once, with an advanced and thriving civilization. However, its population was wiped out during a catastrophic nuclear war. So far, NASA has found no evidence pointing to any kind of life on the Red Planet, not even tiny microbes, and definitely no evidence of any nuclear war.

Nuclear War on MarsHumans have long-wondered whether an advanced, intelligent civilisation existed on Mars, and was wiped out by a devastating nuclear war. NASA says there is no evidence of this. Some people however, including scientists, say a number of features of the planet’s surface could have been caused by an atomic bomb’s mushroom cloud. James Seidel, of News Corp Australia Network, debunks that theory.

Tyler added:

“Mars is not some dead radiation covered planet that NASA would have us believe. There are structures on Mars, craft on Mars. There are buildings, there are statues, there are monoliths, there are dooms, there are glass tube like structures underground with objects moving through them.”

“There are entrances on the surfaces on the surface leading down into some sort of underground base. There are bones, there are skeletons, there are lights, there are UFOs in the sky and sufficed to say there are a lot of things that NASA would like to keep secret but these things have leaked out little by little over the years.”

Viewer comments

Comments by viewers of the video range from total fascination and shock to skepticism and total ridicule.

Henry Clarite wrote:

“It looks like drill samples to me… not a worm like creature but multiple drill holes or laser pin point readings!  They usully take before and after pics of the areas where they take samples to document the event!”

Billthesheepdog20 was clearly unconvinced, as you can see in the following comment:

“You make a lot of assumptions without basis or proof Tyler. It hurts your credibility in my eyes.”

– Tyler has at least one follower, Viking03271, who wrote:

“All this evidence and there’s people that don’t want to believe because they’re scared of the truth”

– Is Mitus Music suggesting politely that Tyler is out of his mind:

“Dude, you have some really good finds, that’s why I’m subbed to you. But seriously though; sometimes your personal theories that you insert in the videos sound like something out of a scifi novel written by a group of crackheads.”

Patrick Fox comes to NASA’s defence when he writes:

“Wait a minute. NASA never said the planet was dead. In fact they actually believe they maybe some sort of microscopic life upon the planet. Where do you get your information from?”

It is interesting that SecureTeam10 has a major breakthrough each week with ‘final proof’ that aliens exist. However, these stories are never followed up. Is this maybe because a follow-up attracts fewer viewers, and consequently less advertising revenue, than a brand-new final proof alien discovery?

If all this organisation’s discoveries became reality Mars would have a gigantic, triangular flying machine, a huge gorilla with a small camel friend, several underground bunkers with weapons pointing out into space, giant towers, a mega fortress, and literally hundreds of other constructions, flying machines and extraterrestrial life forms.

Video – Giant worm moving under Martian surface?

This SecureTeam10 video says this is final proof that there is life on Mars.