Achievement Celebrations and Gifts for the Modern Working Woman

gift for a modern working woman image 4994994When celebrating an achievement or gifts for the modern working woman, you do not want to be frugal. If you are looking for a gift for someone who buys what they want, when they want it, your gift has to be extra special. A box of chocolates or a bouquet may be welcomed but add another gift that shows that you have put some thought and effort into your choice, in appreciation of the efforts they make to be a success. The modern working woman does not want to dumb down gifts. If she loves sparkly jewellery, go for quality and when it comes to tech, favour quality then style.

Excellent headphones

For travel to listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks, for work or just to disconnect from everyone else an upgrade to one of the finest headphones could be a welcome gift. Consider noise-cancelling features for those who travel a lot and wireless headphones and earbuds that stay secure for those who like audio accompaniment while keeping fit. There are upgrades all the time in this sector, so look for a premium pair of buds that combine a compact and lightweight design with fantastic sound.

Roses that last forever

Flowers and chocolates are gifts that do not take much effort, and neither do they last long. Now it is possible to buy a rose that will last a lifetime. Eternity Rose New Zealand offers roses picked at their peak, which are then dipped in silver, gold and platinum for lifetime preservation. These can be displayed at home as a reminder of your love and support for achievements or simply for who she is. Roses are also gilded in a range of colours and edged in gold, so you can help build a collection.

Diamond jewellery

Diamonds will present a lasting reminder of your appreciation for all that has been achieved. For jewellery, there are many options. The brilliant sparkle of diamond earrings or a diamond pendant that rests near the heart of a woman who is passionate about what she does. Each woman has her own style and preferences which will guide your decision, so if you are not sure to ask her friends or take note of what you usually see her wear.

Hydroponic garden

Gardening can make the world a happier and greener place, and even if your gift is to someone without their own yard, you can gift a garden in the form of a beautifully designed indoor hydroponic garden. Seeds are packed in ready-to-go plant capsules with all the nutrients needed, from familiar salads to edible flowers and Asian herbs. With hydroponics becoming more popular, you can now grow your own chillies, tomatoes, strawberries and sprouting seeds.

A weekend away

Taking time away from commitments is always a good thing.  More and more people are looking toward experience gifts rather than products, so consider a weekend away as a great gift to celebrate an achievement. If this is not possible, a day out at the races, a trip in a hot-air balloon at dawn or other unique experiences work well too. The weekend away can be in a city close or perhaps a spa retreat. Other options are a short flight to a place she has always wanted to go. If you want to add a physical gift as a memento, include a luggage tag that incorporates a Bluetooth tracker that connects to an app on her phone to show her where her bag is in real-time so long as it is within range of her phone.