Google Rolling Out Free AI Editing Tools to All Google Photos Users

Google just announced that it will be rolling out AI editing tools to all Google Photos users.

Starting May 15, the Magic Editor feature will be available on all Pixel devices. In addition, users with compatible iOS and Android devices can make up to 10 free edits per month using Magic Editor. For those who find themselves needing more, an upgrade to a Premium Google One plan, which includes 2TB of storage or more, will be necessary.

Google is making a wide array of other editing tools available to all Google Photos users, with no subscription required. This includes: Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, Sky Suggestions, Color Pop, HDR effects for both photos and videos, Portrait Blur, advanced Portrait Light features, which allow for fine-tuning lighting effects, Cinematic Photos, and dynamic Video Effects.

Credit: Google

In an official blog post announcing the news, Google said: “many of our AI-powered editing tools — like Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur and Portrait light — will be available to anyone using Google Photos, no subscription required. You’ll also be able to access these features on more devices, including Pixel tablets.”

What do these AI tools do?

Let’s take a look at three of the most popular tools in this suite of new features Google’s rolling out:

1. Magic Eraser

Credit: Google

Magic Eraser is designed to help users effortlessly remove unwanted elements from their photos, such as distracting objects, making it easier to focus on the main subject of the picture. This tool can automatically suggest items for removal or allow users to manually select specific elements.

2. Photo Unblur

Credit: Google

Photo Unblur uses machine learning to sharpen images that are out of focus. Whether the blurriness is due to motion or incorrect camera settings, Photo Unblur enhances the clarity of these images, allowing users to reclaim moments that would otherwise be lost to poor photo quality.

3. Portrait Light

Credit: Google

Portrait Light adds a dynamic lighting feature that lets users adjust the lighting on faces in their photos. This tool can simulate different lighting conditions, such as changing the intensity and position of the light source, to improve the aesthetic quality of portraits, even after the photo has been taken.

Are there any requirements?

Google said it will roll-out the features to “all devices that meet minimum requirements.”

For ChromeOS users, compatible devices include Chromebook Plus models running ChromeOS version 118 or later, or those with a minimum of 3GB RAM. Mobile users will need devices operating on Android 8.0 or newer, or iOS 15 or above.

Also, as mentioned earlier in this article, users will have up 10 free edits per month using Magic Editor – with the option of upgrading to a paid Premium Google One plan for additonal edits.