Google Wallet Card launched

Google Inc. has launched the Google Wallet Card.

The pre-paid debit card allows people to shop in stores or use ATMs to withdraw cash without the need to wait for funds to be transferred from Google Wallet into their bank accounts.

According to Google Wallet, the user’s Google Wallet Card is funded by their Wallet Balance. Funds are added to their Google Balance either by them sending money from a linked bank account or a credit/debit card, or somebody sending them money via Gmail or Wallet.

Google Wallet, a type of electronic wallet or e-wallet, has been in existence for two years. However, it has not become as popular as eBay’s Paypal, partly because iPhones had not adopted the necessary technology for using Wallet for in-store purchases.

Another downside has been that point-of-sale equipment in most retail outlets do not accept payment via Google Wallet.

With the new Google Wallet Card there is no need for a mobile phone or Wallet-compatible point-of-sale equipment.

Google announced that for the moment the Google Wallet Card cannot be used outside the United States.

How to shop with Google Wallet Card?

Google says the card is accepted in millions of Mastercard® locations. The customer selects either credit or debit at checkout, and uses the Google Wallet PIN if prompted.

There is a Wallet app that can be used anytime to check one’s Wallet Balance. This can also be done online at

If shoppers do not have sufficient funds in their Wallet Balance to pay the bill, Google advises them to “tell the cashier in advance how much to deduct from your card and how much you will pay using an alternate payment method. Note that this process, known as “split tender,” may not be supported by all merchants.”

There is a limit of $5,000 per 24-hour period on how much a customer can spend. This does not include cash withdrawals from banks or ATMs.

What are the benefits of Google Wallet Card?

Google Commerce highlights the following benefits:

  • Spend anywhere – use your card to shop and pay at MasterCard® locations.
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs – you can use the card at ATMs to withdraw money from your Wallet Balance. There is no Google fee, but some ATM providers may charge.
  • Instant notifications – when you spend money notifications are sent to your mobile phone instantly.
  • No fees – there are no fees when you order your Google Wallet Card, and neither are there any monthly or annual fees to use the card.