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Remote selling is here to stay, and businesses need to be aware of this new fact and adapt quickly. Statistics from a 2018 report shown in Owl Labs showed that companies and businesses that allow for remote work have 25% less turnover, as well as greater engagement, retainment, and efficiency.

The truth is … scalability and remote work can seem intimidating to businesses at first. Connecting with a borderless community, such as the digital world, can seem like a formidable task, and can seem to add a dimension of additional complexity through the capability and capacity provided in the greater reach for cities and countries globally.

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Research points businesses in the opposite direction, however, and states that remote work and high-ticket selling is in fact promoting adaptability, resilience and most importantly, growth. So, let’s dive in directly into the various aspects which will impact you or your business through high ticket remote selling and scalability.


Communication is crucial throughout the remote selling process. From the exchange of information to the coordination of meetings, selling products, digital marketing and much, much more. Consumers and businesses have been impacted through the digitalization of the marketplace, and consequently, communication has become increasingly important to engage with the public.

There is a clear competitive advantage with the scalability of the digital realm which enables cultural diversity, increased efficiency, and the autonomy with which remote work provides.

Furthermore, digital service providers such as Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and others have become quintessential in adapting to the digital world successfully. Oral and written communication has to be clear, concise and succinct in order for customers and businesses to better understand your products and services.

By capitalizing on video content, articles, SEO and email campaigns, businesses are better equipped to handle virtual selling and scalability. You can also communicate further with clients and customers using digital video calling, emailing, and phone contacting.

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The virtual marketplace provides the unique opportunity for businesses to scale themselves in ways which before, were never thought possible. Entrepreneurs, business leaders and organizations can begin scaling sustainably and efficiently.

The delegation of tasks for employees, the time in which it can be completed, and the accessibility of communication right at our fingertips has allowed for effective ways of scaling due to the fact that it has become widely acceptable and measurable. Hiring can also happen remotely, and businesses can hire employees from around the world, as well as network with various companies and industries globally. Consequently, remote selling and virtual sales allow for scalability and affordability.

A budget that has previously gone towards office space, equipment, and travel, can now be reallocated towards other sources. Virtual sales scaling will allow businesses to have the necessary potential for great opportunities, avenues for profit, and borderless connections that, 20 years ago, people had only dreamed would be possible.

High Ticket Selling 

One main priority of a business is to ensure that it is purposefully fulfilling the needs of its market and customers and has a sustainable and effective growth strategy.

Customers want to know that you will commit to helping take them from where they are, to where they visualize being and getting the most out of their investment and customer experience. It is therefore crucial that businesses that sell high ticket products and services, can build trust, establish relationships and offer customers a great customer experience in this new virtual selling world.

Shifting to effective virtual selling is a critical aspect of becoming resilient in the marketplace and perhaps gaining competitive advantage. High ticket remote selling can include products and services such as consulting, legal services, roofing, software packages and much more.

The online market has radically shifted during the Pandemic and has enabled marketing and sales professionals to make the necessary changes to ensure their growth and prosperity. High ticket remote selling can happen online via a combination of video chat, email, marketing videos, and phone. If companies and businesses do not implement an effective remote selling strategy, they might get left behind.

There are many benefits to virtual selling and scalability, some of the benefits include:

  1. More meetings per day due to less travel time.
  2. Greater ease to increase productivity and efficiency.
  3. Greater ability to scale your business and products geographically, and to hire sales agents remotely.
  4. Greater control of the customer journey, from lead generation to winning a sale.

As intimidating as virtual selling and its scalability may seem, the journey to transition and adapt to the modern marketplace is a necessary step for most businesses to take in order to sustain growth on the short and long term. Blue Stride can help your business implement a virtual selling strategy that will deliver the desired results. Call us to book your free strategy session now!

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