How Kansino’s Live Casino is Taking the Dutch Market by Storm

The Dutch online gambling scene has recently been introduced to Kansino, a live casino platform with advanced technology and an immersive environment.

Digital Gambling’s Upward Trend in the Netherlands

The Netherlands’ shift towards online gambling has been evident with the increasing dependence on smartphones and high-speed internet connectivity. The convenience of online platforms seems to be a significant pull factor. Kansino is one of the platforms that aims to combine the excitement of physical casinos with the accessibility of online play.

Features Defining Kansino’s Live Casino

Kansino’s adoption of high-end streaming technology has been notable. They strive to give players the impression of being in an actual casino. The array of games, from classic staples like blackjack to live game shows, targets a broad audience.

What potentially makes Kansino stand out, however, is their emphasis on security and regulation:

  1. Airtight Registration: One revolutionary feature has been their airtight registration form. In an industry where user data security is paramount, Kansino’s registration process ensures stringent data validation, providing an additional layer of security to its users.
  2. Licensing Feat: Being a properly licensed online casino is not a small feat in the Dutch market. The Netherlands has rigorous licensing standards, and Kansino achieving this lends it a layer of credibility.
  3. Immersive: In a live casino, you’re able to play against real dealers.

Kansino: A Case Study for Successful Casino Business Launch in the Netherlands

Launching a casino business in the Netherlands, particularly in such a tightly regulated market, can be a daunting task. The Dutch Gaming Authority, Kansspelautoriteit, which was established in 2012, is stringent with its requirements to ensure a safe gambling environment. Kansino’s journey and success in this market is a testament to their diligence and commitment to excellence.

1. Navigating the Regulatory Landscape:
The Kansspelautoriteit plays a pivotal role in issuing gambling licenses in the Netherlands. Before venturing into the Dutch market, Kansino rigorously studied the intricate regulatory framework. Understanding that all unlicensed offshore gambling sites are considered illegal and are actively blocked in the Netherlands, Kansino was committed to playing by the rules.

2. Respecting the Rich History of Gambling:
Kansino recognized the deep roots of gambling in the Netherlands. Records of gambling regulations can be traced back to the 14th century. The Dutch State Lottery of 1726 and the formation of the Holland Casino in 1976 both underline the nation’s evolving relationship with gambling. This rich history highlighted the importance of integrating cultural values and maintaining integrity in operations for Kansino.

3. Complying with the Remote Gambling Act:
Only in 2021 did online gambling become legal in the Netherlands with the enactment of the Remote Gambling Act. The act introduced the remote gambling license, allowing operators to provide various online games and bets. Through the application process, Kansino showcased its commitment by adhering to the intricate demands of the Kansspelautoriteit—right from providing historical operational data to demonstrating adherence to Dutch-focused marketing practices.

4. Embracing the Cruks System:
One of the key regulatory requirements is the Cruks system, a self-exclusion registry every player must sign up for. Kansino effectively integrated this into its platform, emphasizing player safety and adherence to local regulations.

5. Overcoming Language and Eligibility Barriers:
While the Dutch language mandate by the KSA can pose challenges for international operators, Kansino saw it as an opportunity to deeply resonate with the local populace. Offering services in Dutch, they ensured a seamless gaming experience for their primary audience.

6. Collaborating with International Operators:
Recognizing the rising interest in various casino games among Dutch players, Kansino partnered with big-name international operators, leveraging their expertise to diversify their game offerings while staying within the regulatory boundaries.


Navigating the Dutch casino landscape requires a delicate balance of respecting tradition, understanding local preferences, and rigidly adhering to regulatory mandates. Kansino’s successful foray into this market serves as an exemplary case study for potential operators. Their approach showcases that, with the right strategy and commitment, one can succeed in even the most regulated markets.


This article is for informational purposes only and doesn’t constitute gambling advice. Remember:

  1. Risks: Gambling can be addictive and lead to financial loss.
  2. Assistance: If facing gambling problems, seek professional help.
  3. Legal Age: Ensure you’re of legal age and follow local laws before gambling.
  4. Accuracy: While we aim for accuracy, always conduct your own research before making decisions.
  5. Liability: We aren’t liable for decisions made based on this content.

Gamble responsibly and view it as entertainment, not a money-making strategy.

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