How Many Miles Will An Electric Motorcycle Go?

Nothing beats cruising at top speed with your electric motorcycle on a nicely tarred road. But how many miles of this surreal cruise can an electric motorcycle take before its battery dies? 

If you are like most bikers, you want to know how many miles your bike can take before it stops in its tracks. Don’t fret; this article offers you the answer you need. Sit tight as we cover average electric motorcycle ranges and all the factors contributing to them in this article.

How Many Miles Will An Electric Motorcycle Go?

The longest attainable range of an electric motorcycle depends on several factors. For instance, we have the brand, size, energy output, and even the nature of the road playing their roles. Hence, it is hard to determine what to expect from all-electric motorbikes.  As a result, we have bikes that can go as far as 50 km after a single charge, and others reach up to 200 km. 

However, the average mileage for electric motorcycles is 40–60 miles.  

On long-range bikes, we have outlier motorcycles from the Tromox brand. Keep reading for more information. 

What Factors Affect the Range of Electric Motorcycles?

Before delving into the range of electric motorbikes, we first have to tackle what contributes to it in the first place. As with their traditional, fuel-powered counterparts, the range of electric motorcycles depends on various factors. That said, here are some features that contribute to how far most electric motorbikes can go: 

  • Battery Life  

Battery life is one factor that dictates an electric motorcycle’s range limit. Hence, varying battery capacities might equate to varying distances covered. For instance, a 4kWH electric motorbike has a shorter range than a 5kWh electric motorcycle after every charge. 

  • Engine Power

“With great power comes great reach!” Motorcycles get their power from their engines. This power is often expressed in kilowatts or horsepower. Engine power is one of the most integral parts in the makeup of a bike because the more power a motorcycle engine can produce, the farther it can get. 

  • Weight of the Motorcycle 

It is not hard to hypothesize that lighter goes faster. This is a feature to look out for in a new electric motorcycle. Lighter motorbikes are often faster than their much-weightier counterparts. You should head to the light section if you want a motorcycle to cruise above 60 mph and with a  good range. 

However, note that lighter weight only sometimes equates to a faster or longer range. There is also a need to consider the bike’s design and other features!

  • Terrain 

Your electric motorcycle requires more power to navigate rough or high terrains. Going up a hill requires more power than cruising on a smooth road. The same can be said for uneven terrain as well. Hence, uneven and elevated terrains often reduce the range of a motorcycle more than if you rode it on a smooth surface. 

Aside from the list above, other factors contribute to the range of an electric motorcycle. There is the size of the tires, type of tire, surrounding wind, bike speed, and total payload.

Let’s talk about an awesome electric motorcycle for adults that covers wild distances after a full charge. We are going into a special motorcycle brand produced by Tromox that uses the features above to create far-reaching bikes. 

Tromox Mino: Why You Should Buy It 

When discussing motorcycle brands that do a great job crafting products with quality and long ranges, it is impossible not to mention Tromox. Tromox makes the right blend of speed and comfort with its cozy, light, and fast two-wheelers. 

One of Tromox’s latest designs is the Tromox Mino. The vehicle has a net energy output of about 10.7 horsepower and a whooping speed of 55 mph. It is also known to go over 100 km after a single charge. At Tromox, several qualities have been put together to ensure motorbikes have long ranges, and here are some of them: 

  • Convenient Sitting Design

Tromox Mino is designed to have an ergonomic sitting design to ensure its riders get the best experience while riding it. Hence, when riding, you are fixed comfortably on the bike with little or no risk of falling. Plus, you get to ride the bike to peak performance! 

  • Independently R&D FOC (Field-oriented Control) Vector Controller

The entirety of Tromox Mino’s power system is upgraded. The vehicle’s EBS energy recovery makes it last even longer on the road.

  • Great Battery Capacity

A critical aspect of any electric motorcycle is its battery capacity. It is no surprise that Tromox Mino is well-to-do in that regard. The motorbike has an impressive 18650A battery cell, 3.5 hours charging duration (60V21Ah), and a fast charge within 3 hours. You can take the bike for a long cruise without worrying about its battery life. 

  • Smart VA(Virtual Assistant) Dashboard

Tromox Mino has a VA dashboard that displays the real-time vehicle status. Hence, you can monitor your bike’s battery status and know how much range is left on the ride. 

  • Lightweight Design

Tromox Mino’s lightweight is its selling point. Coupled with its low center of balance and small size, it makes for a perfect pick for all types of weather. Plus, you can navigate the bike better and use its design to ensure it reaches incredible speed and covers more miles.  

What’s more, the battery has a lifespan of over five years. Also, measures like short-circuit and overcurrent protection are put in place while charging to ensure the batteries last as long as possible. 

There are numerous other reasons to get a Tromox Mino, such as its multiple speed modes, quick charge technology, and even its sensitive brake system. Undoubtedly, it is apparent that Tromox prioritizes users’ comfort, experience, range, and speed. If you like to know more about their brand, keep reading. 

Tromox: The Motorcycle Brand That Delivers Safety, Speed, and Long Range 

Electric motor bikes are undoubtedly many bikers’ favorite because of their aesthetic and ease of use. But with Tromox, it gets better. Tromox creates the perfect companion you need to cruise down roads. We offer the best motorcycles in the market with incredible features. 

Our motorcycles for sale are one of the fastest and safest out there. Our lithium battery is packed with the required explosive energy your bike needs to take off and keep running. Also, our sleek design exploits drag to give an improved speed. 

You may have more questions about our electric motorcycles or want a share of what it feels like to ride one of our bikes. Reach out now, and let’s usher you into a life of safety and speed.