How much does a coffee roaster cost?

How much does a coffee roaster cost?

Running your own coffee roastery is without a doubt a great idea for a business, especially for coffee lovers. However, opening any coffee place is strongly associated with buying high-quality equipment that never disappoints. The most important machine in any coffee roastery is obviously a coffee roaster. Price of such an important device can vary, depending on many factors that will be described in the further part of this article.

How much does a coffee roaster cost?

There is not a single answer for this question, but one thing that is certain is that you must spend a few thousands of Euros anyway. Before opening your business, save enough money for the equipment. If you can afford a powerful, robust and reliable coffee roasting machine, you will be able to use for many years.

The first thing you should consider is the scale of your business. Small-sized coffee roasteries do not require huge coffee roasting machines because they will not produce 150 or more kilograms of coffee per hour. Commercial coffee roasting machines that are being used in coffee factories must do their job effectively and relatively fast. But let’s focus on fine-scale places.

If you want to start your journey with coffee roasting, you should start with a roasting machine that delivers more or less 500 g of coffee per batch. Such devices are efficient, and they can save your space at the same time. This is a great solution if you want to combine a café and a roastery into one place. The base price usually starts at €2500 which is a good deal, especially for inexperienced coffee roasters. This small coffee roasters are usually electric because it does not pay off to power them with some kind of fuel. Another great advantage is that you can also buy a sample coffee roasting machine which costs €2000, and it can be used as an advertisement. People can get a coffee sample and brew it at home. They will surely come back for more coffee because this is a power of handmade products. There are also machines with an hourly output of 4 kg, that is with a 1 kilogram of maximum batch capacity. You should be prepared for spending around €10 000.

How much is a coffee roaster machine for a business on a larger scale?

Full-scale coffee roasting machines are designed for roasting a lot of coffee. Batch capacity per hours is an important factor to look at while choosing the best machine. It would be fair to start with medium-sized roasteries. Machines with 6 kg maximum batch capacity are optimal for running a medium-sized business because they still cost less than €20 000, and their hourly output is 25 kg of roasted coffee. Not only hourly output is crucial while picking a coffee roasting machine. Price also includes implemented technologies, materials or additional accessories. That is why you can see different price ranges depending on the brand or the particular store.

If the hourly output of 25 to 50 kg is still not enough, you can go for a coffee roaster with 120 kg hourly output. Commercial coffee roaster machine cost from €30000 to €40000. As you can see, the larger scale of business you want to run, the more money you need to put at the beginning. But do not worry too much! Once you buy a robust machine, the money will come back quickly because the customers are going to love your coffee.

Short summary of how much does a coffee roaster cost

You have surely noticed that prices of coffee roasting machines change according to factors such as size, hourly output, or even implemented technologies. Buying a coffee roaster is a does not to be a time-consuming process, as long as you know where to find reliable equipment. Online stores such as offer different models of coffee roasters (and other machines), so you can select the best product for your needs. You can compare the functions and specification of certain machines, and buy the one that is the most suitable for your business. Use your savings wisely, so it will not be scary, how much is a coffee roaster machine.

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