How online meetings in iMind can facilitate your real estate business

After the introduction of the self-isolation regime, the real estate market faced a dip. Many sellers withdrew properties from the sale, someone lowered the price in the hope of selling housing. Real estate transactions have technically moved online. The subtleties of conducting a remote viewing and concluding a contract remotely raise many questions for all participants in the sale of real estate. Therefore we decided to shed some light on how to save your earnings with an online meeting in iMind.

Impact of the pandemic on the real estate market

During the lockdown period, realtors work remotely. All procedures are carried out online:

  • interaction with clients;
  • selection of residential real estate;
  • conclusion of contracts;
  • collection of necessary documents.

If the buyer and seller have an electronic signature, then the conclusion of the purchase and sale agreement can be carried out remotely.

Despite the lack of active demand for real estate, transactions continue to be registered (this applies to contracts for which prepayment has already been made). Notary offices continue to work on transactions but in a limited number. In each region, there are only notaries on duty by appointment.

Many switched to accepting applications in electronic form and registering property rights in a remote format. However, this procedure is new for officials, and errors and delays are possible when interacting with the organization.

Buying a home in another city is no different from buying remotely during the lockdown period.

Apartament showing via an online meeting in iMind

If the deal is being prepared by a realtor, at the request of the buyer, he will independently go to the object and film the property. If technical capabilities allow, the specialist will conduct an overview – in real-time, via an online meeting in iMind. 

Most real estate agencies already have ready-made videos, numerous photographs, and detailed descriptions for each property.

However, an online conference provides more benefits:

  • no need to visit the apartment;
  • chance to overview as many houses as you want;
  • you can ask a realtor to show exactly what you want;
  • edited photos and videos won’t let you down;
  • no issues can be hidden from your thorough eye;
  • you can ask questions on the go.

As you can see, leveraging online meetings is in some way more useful than a classic in-person showing.

New circumstances – modern solutions

Although the law allows a similar format of interaction between the parties to the transaction for a long time, buying an apartment online has become a reality of late. Legally, all stages of real estate transactions, except for the transfer of money and the moment of signing the contract (which differs from country to country), can be carried out remotely and safely.

Even if your city/state has already lifted all restrictions, you still have a chance to use this modern way of house viewing. Luckily all agencies have facilities for such meetings. Just weigh out all the pros and cons and head to downloading your online meeting app.

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