How to Survive If You’re Desperate to Leave Your Partner

Are you in a horrible relationship you’re too scared to leave? Lots of women feel like they can’t leave a relationship because they don’t have anywhere to go. Don’t stay with someone you don’t like because you’re afraid of what the future will hold. If you’ve decided you don’t want to be with someone, it’s time to start planning your escape. I know it might feel like an impossible task at the moment, so let’s look at some options you should look into.

Desperate to leave your partner
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Asking Friends and Family for Help

You should ask your parents if it’s okay to move back home. Even if your bedroom isn’t available anymore, it’s still worth asking if you can sleep in the basement. If you don’t have any luck with your parents, speak to your grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family members. Maybe your good friends will let you stay on their couch for a while. You only need to stay somewhere long enough to get your life back on track.

Moving in with Lots of Roommates

If you move into a home with lots of roommates, it will reduce the amount of rent you need to pay every month. Look at the best funding options for people with bad credit if you don’t have enough money right now. You’ll be able to get a small loan to help tide you over for a few months. You only need a tiny room with a shared bathroom/kitchen. Once you have a new roof over your head, you’ll be able to focus on your new life without having to deal with your partner.

Think About Living in a Cheap Country

You should think about moving to a cheap country if you want to escape your relationship. Living in a different culture might give you a chance to forget about everything going wrong if your life. If you can find a remote job, you’ll be able to live in Mexico for a fraction of the money you’re currently spending. It’s still possible to live abroad if you can’t find a company willing to hire you. If you learn a skill like copywriting, you can become a freelancer.

Look for a Job with Room And Board

If you look hard enough, you’ll come across jobs that offer room and board. Not only will you save money on rent, but you won’t have to pay for meals and utilities. It’s unlikely you’ll find something in the industry where you want to build a career, but it’s a good choice if you want to spend a few years trying something new. If you’d like to spend time sailing around the world, you’ll probably be able to find a fun job on a cruise ship.

Swapping Your Small Car for a Van

You’ll find lots of videos about van-life on YouTube. Adventurous people have decided to move into converted vans, which allow them to travel around the country. If you have a small car at the moment, you might be able to swap it for a van. You don’t need to drive around if you live in a van. You’ll be able to stay in your state, which means you won’t need to quit work. If you get a gym membership to a 24-hour gym, you’ll always have access to a bathroom.

Please don’t stay in a relationship you hate, especially if it’s the slightest bit dangerous. You definitely have options available, so you won’t end up sleeping on a park bench.