How to Create and Enhance Multimedia with 3D Animation

Animation has been a common language for many decades. However, it is rather unfortunate that many people still do not understand what it means.

It becomes even more confusing when the word 3D is added to it. People keep asking questions like; How can drawings become real on television? In a way, showing that they do not understand the concept. With 3D, the concept of animation becomes a little more difficult to explain. Many people still feel 3D animation is the same thing as drawing and they erroneously call 3D animation drawings.

As a business owner, you must understand that a 3D animation is a powerful tool for passing information effectively to your clients. With 3D animation, you can switch up your multimedia messages and create better videos.

But for you to fully appreciate 3D animation, you need to understand what is and how it is done. Understanding the process of 3D video production for your business will help you facilitate collaboration and effective communication with your designers.

Therefore, we put together this article to help you see how 3D animation is done. We will take you through the entire process, showing you all you need to know. But first, what is 3D animation?

What is 3D Animation?

That question might seem easy but then, it carries loads of weight. At the very least, computer 3D animation refers to the art of creating moving pictures in a computer digital environment that has 3 dimensions.

How is 3D Animation Done?

Computer animators carefully manipulate objects called 3D models using computer software. The resulting picture sequence is then exported which gives an illusion of movement called animation. The illusion will depend on how the animator decides to manipulate the object.

3D animation is a complex process and in fact, it is probably the most complicated form of animation that we have. The type of job also dictates how complex the process would be. Some jobs would only require a few steps while others would need a longer process.

  1. Concept and Storyboards: It is at this point that you conceptualize and create your storylines.
  2. 3D Modelling: You build the props, environment, and characters in the design. It is at this stage that you mold objects into 3D.
  3. Texturing: You add 2d finishes to the 3D objects e.g. clothes, etc.
  4. Rigging: It is the process of adding skeletons to the 3D objects to enhance movement.
  5. Animation: This is the part where you make the object move.
  6. Lighting: It means adding the right amount of light so the object can come alive. It is very important because if done wrongly can make the whole work useless.
  7. Camera Setting: This is where you set the software so you can get the perfect angle for your animation.
  8. Rendering: You export the video you made.
  9. Compositing and Special VFX: At this stage, your work is to add special graphics and design to the already-made video.
  10. Music and Foley: If you feel a need to add music, you do it here.

The last step is editing and final output.

How 3D Animation Can Help Your Business

The question that now remains is: How is 3D animation style important to my business?  3D animation can help your business in many ways.

In the digital age, marketing heavily relies on digital tools, and among them, 3D animation stands out as a powerful asset for your marketing strategy. Leveraging 3D animation can be equally advantageous, whether you choose to outsource 3D animation services or handle it in-house.

There are three major ways 3D animation can help your business or product. They include:

  • Increase in Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is key, especially for startups. You can convert brand awareness to sales. Therefore, your marketing strategy must include a tool to captivate people’s attention. 3D animation is capable of catching the public’s attention due to its exciting display.

  • Creates a More Engaging Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most used marketing strategies. A video must have the ability to captivate and retain customers’ attention to increase engagement. 3D animation can help achieve this goal. Not only that, it can be used for product descriptions and explanation videos.

  • Effective Communication

Communicating with your customers might be hard as a result of their short attention span. Explaining brand values, product alerts, and reports can be communicated using 3D animation. It surely will get more attention than conventional communication.


3D animation is a viable tool in business marketing. It has the ability to create awareness and retain customers’ attention. The ability to take advantage of it in your business can result in an increase in sales. Moreover, it doesn’t cost as much as traditional marketing and other forms of marketing – especially if you outsource 3D animation.

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