How to Edit Video on Mac – Wondershare UniConverter

Video editing has witnessed phenomenal development, which has been brought with the help of the impressive connection established between platforms and video content creators. Many renowned software took up the responsibility of bringing ease-of-use and accessibility while editing videos. Where many failed, a few of them succeeded in bringing the primal form of video editing across their platform.

Wondershare UniConverter has been one such video converter platform that has exceptionally developed into a platform that is recommended across multiple levels. To edit video on Mac, users are not overburdened into selecting the software of their choice. With platforms like Wondershare UniConverter, video editing across Mac is easier for users, allowing more people to bring their interest into this field.

This article features a detailed discussion on how to edit video on Mac along with an in-depth discussion of what makes UniConverter the best editor in the market.

Part 1: UniConverter – An Exceptional Video Editing Tool in the Market

As introduced before, several video editing tools were made available for users in the market. These tools failed to gain the necessary traction of the general users for various reasons. Amongst these reasons, the difficulty in understanding the interfaces stood first, according to many video editors in the market. Wondershare UniConverter was introduced as a video editing tool that operates under the concept of providing ease to its users.

While offering an easy-to-use interface, UniConverter acts as a multi-functional integrated video tool software that inherits an excessive collection of video management tools. Apart from working with the basic video editing tools, users are offered an opportunity to convert, download, compress, and record videos across the screen. The variety in these video management functions is what makes UniConverter special.

As you search to edit video on Mac, you would definitely look for the features that highlight the software among the top-notch platforms in the market. For this, you should look across the following features discussed in detail.

Highlighting Features of UniConverter

Simple and Easy Interface

Wondershare UniConverter exhibits a straightforward interface for its users to work with. While featuring a simple interface, it displays all functions across its homepage, making accessibility easier across the tool. Video editors who look for compatible software won’t be surprised to realize the foolproof compatibility of UniConverter with the Mac system. Following this, editors are free to try out the dark mode of the platform for better enhancement of the software’s visuals.

Exceptional Strength of Tools

Appearances do not make tools and platforms successful. Wondershare UniConverter is not only about the exceptional interface, but it also makes a statement with its strong tools and functions available across the platform.

The tool contains powerful and comprehensive functions that provide workable and coherent results. Users can edit video on Mac, but they can also look forward to other functions, including conversion and compression in finest qualities.

Variety in Tool Selection

As stated before, UniConverter is a multi-functional integrated video tool software that contains a collection of tools. The platform proudly holds 14 tools that support video, audio, and image management. From recording to editing, the versatility in the tools makes it exceptionally easy for creators to manage innovation within their work.


Multiple tools have successfully made a statement for their video tools in the market. However, coming towards their comparison with Wondershare UniConverter, most tools have failed to surpass the latter for their high costings. UniConverter provides a cost-effective environment to its users, where they can operate a considerate amount of tools for free. Along with that, the tool doesn’t come heavy onto the pockets of creators, which makes it quite cost-effective as compared to other tools.

Part 2: How to Edit a Video on Mac

Multiple editing procedures can be tried across Wondershare UniConverter. As the users look to edit video on Mac using UniConverter, they are advised to understand the following functions, which can be assessed while editing the video.

Trim Video

UniConverter features a simple video editor with tools that essentially executes the process while maintaining the quality. A similar observation exists for the Mac video trimmer offered across the platform that helps users delete unwanted segments from movies or series. If you have a long video that cannot be sent through any particular digital channel, you can trim MP4 Mac to enable easy sharing.

Crop Video

The sizes and formats of the video are quite important if the video is to be posted across any particular social media or digital media platform. Under such circumstances, the need for a proper video cropping tool is evident. Users can crop their videos for sharing them across social media sites or obtain a smaller screen playback to make it effective for smaller screens. In certain cases, the black bars across videos make it quite unprofessional, leading to a video cropping tool.

Adding Watermarks

Watermarking videos are important in cases where users have to ensure copyright for their content. Watermarks, however, can be of different types. Where some prefer using text watermarks, users are also allowed to add images and moving watermarks across their videos. UniConverter realizes the importance of using watermarks across videos, for which they allow users to add three watermarks at a time.

Applying Effects

UniConverter allows users to induce creativity across their videos. While offering cropping tools and Mac video trimmer tools, users can get hold of 66 different effects that can be used to make videos attractive. They can exceptionally enhance the quality of the recorded video with the help of rotation, contrast, saturation, and white balance features while applying effects across videos.

Adding Subtitles

Subtitles are quite important in helping people understand the content being spoken across a video. Since creators realize the importance of adding subtitles, they can use UniConverter to add import subtitles across their videos. Following this, the tool also enables customizing font, size, color, positioning, and transparency of the subtitles that are added across the video.

Adjusting Audio

While you edit video on Mac, you can also make proper adjustments across the audio of the imported video to leave no stones unturned across it. Audio is as important as the visual properties of any video, which is covered by the platform with proficiency. Users can adjust the audio of their videos through sliders and even design an audio stereo according to their requirements. Removing background noise from the video is another prolific feature offered while editing videos on the platform.

If you are looking into editing a video on Mac using Wondershare UniConverter, you are advised to follow these steps to avoid any discrepancy.

Step 1: Launch Wondershare UniConverter

Download and install Wondershare UniConverter across your Mac. Following this, launch the tool and select “Video Editor” from the left-hand panel to edit video on Mac.

Step 2: Edit Video

On the next screen, you need to tap on the “Add Files” button on the top to import the video across the platform. You need to select any of the features you consider necessary to edit your video. You can trim MP4 mac, crop the video, add watermark or effects across it, make it known through subtitles, or adjust the audio as required.

Step 3: Execute Editing

Once you are done with the edits, you can select the Output Format and File Location across the provided sections. If you have multiple videos that need to be combined after editing, you can also select the “Merge All Files” option available across the window. To conclude and execute, tap on “Start All” to save all the edits across the videos.


This article has proficiently explained Wondershare UniConverter and its editing function to the users. People searching for comprehensive editing tools can surely try out UniConverter for managing their videos. With a detailed overview of the features followed by the editing functions available across the platform, users will be much aware of the platform after going through this article.

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