How to Paint Driveway Pavers

Brick, cement, concrete, stone – these are standard building materials of pavers. They make the driveway attractive, aesthetic, and helpful for movements. This article is all about how to paint driveway pavers.

Generally, you can find the pavers in neutral or natural colors. For example, you get red brick, brownstone, plain gray pavers at the stores. They can be hindrances to the beauty of your lawn, significantly when they fade.

Why should you paint driveway pavers?

The non-painted pavers lose their color due to adverse weather. Extreme heat, heavy rainfall turns them aged.

But when you paint these pavers, they get a layer of protection from foul weather. Also, they don’t fade sooner compared to non-painted surfaces.

If you have already painted the pavers, you can still rejuvenate them by repainting them. It will retain the old beauty and look of the driveway.

Another reason for painting driveway pavers is the substantial options of color. You can match the color of the surface depending on your likings. Even, you can contrast the driveway color to your home.

So, it would better idea to paint the driveway pavers.

What are the types of paints for pavers?

Indeed, there are different brands and variations of colors of paver paints. You can choose specific paint for brick pavers and stone pavers.

Brick Pavers Paint:

Brick pavers can absorb more paints for their bumpy surfaces. A penetrating sealer can be a good idea before painting them.

Sealers fill all the cracks, smoothen uneven driveway surfaces. It is also helpful for other painting with core paints.

After applying the brick paver sealer, you can use outdoor paint on the pavers. For additional protection, you can cover the topmost surface with clear coats.

Stone Pavers Paint:

You may need cement or concrete paint to colorize the stone, concrete, or cement pavers. This type of paint sticks well to stone surfaces for its ingredients. For example, acrylic concrete paint results in a sturdy finish with the heat-resistant feature.

While applying the stove paver paints, you should prime them first. Then, you can start painting with a paint roller. It helps to prevent forming of air pockets. Several coats with clear sealant on top provide the best look for driveways. You may consider a visit to . This site contains some incredible contents regarding driveway pavers painting.

How to Paint Driveway Pavers

Now that you know the importance of painting pavers, learn the processes of doing the job. It is superbly simple to run the project. Below is the method of painting concrete driveway pavers. You can follow the same for other pavers while picking up the suitable paint:

Tools for Painting

  • Weed puller
  • Broom
  • Dishwasher soap
  • Buckets
  • Garden hose
  • Rope
  • Acrylic primer & paint
  • Acrylic primer
  • Paint stick, tray, and roller
  • Concrete sealer

Once you have all these tools, you can start painting the driveway pavers. Here are the steps to follow to get painted pavers of the driveways:

First Step

It’s natural to have weeds or unwanted plants grown near the driveway pavers. You should clean them to start painting. You can pull these weeds with a weed puller. Then, brush all the debris from the surface of the pavers using a push broom. There may be broken bristles of the broom on the surface. Now, turn on the water tap of the garden, and clean the broken bristles using a garden hose.

Second Step

Pick up the dishwasher soap (possibly concentrated) and pour 4-5 drops of it into a mob bucket. Mix water and dish soapt to make a solution by filling the bucket with water. Then, pour the solution thoroughly onto the surface of the pavers. Scrub them well using a push broom. There will be no marks, stains, or dirt.

Third Step

After cleaning all the pavers, rinse them off using a garden hose. Bring two buckets and place them in the center of the driveway. Then, stretch a rope between buckets and mark the area as it is getting revamped. It helps others not to bother you during the project. Wait for 1-2 days to dry the area.

Fourth Step

Take the paint stick and stir the can of acrylic concrete primer. After mixing, pour the primer into the tray till it is 1/3rd or ½ full. Then, dip a roller brush into the poured primer. Roll the brush back and forth following smooth strokes on the concrete paves evenly. Complete the priming the whole driveway.

Fifth Step

Rinse the roller paint brush and tray using a garden hose. Wait for 1-4 hours to dry the primer. After that, check if it is ready-to-touch dry. Again, wait for 1-2 more hours till it is fully suitable to touch. Stir the acrylic concrete paint with a paint stick for 5-6 minutes. Pour into the tray in the same way you did in the fourth step.

Fifth Step

Dip the paintbrush into paint and apply it on paved driveways. Follow the same method you did to apply primer. But do not paint on a random area. Instead, start from one end and finish to another end (by backward). Then, wait for 2 hours to dry the paint entirely. Pour back the unused paint in the container.

Sixth Step

Once the primary coat is dry, apply the second of pavers’ paint. Then, rinse the roller brush and tray using a garden hose. Again, leave the second coat to dry and fully cure. Now, you can use concrete sealer by pouring on a tray and applying it on pavers. After applying a sealer, make sure you leave the pavers to dry within 2 hours. Thus, you have painted the driveway pavers.


You have now learned how to paint driveway pavers.

You should use more than two colors of paint using a paintbrush for attractive or dedicated patterns. Also, you should not give focus on priming.

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