Huawei unveils next-gen quick-charging batteries

China-based tech giant Huawei unveiled two new lithium-ion battery prototypes that it claims can charge 10 times faster than batteries currently on the market.

According to Huaweu, “these new batteries have achieved a charging speed 10 times faster than that of normal batteries, reaching about 50% capacity in mere minutes.”

Two types of batteries were presented at the 56th Battery Sumposium in Japan.

One battery has a 600 mAh capacity and can be charged to 68% capacity in just two minutes; while the other has a 3000 mAh capacity, an energy density over 620 Wh/L and can be charged in under five minutes.

Huawei two minutes battery quick charging demo:

Huawei five minutes battery quick charging demo:

Huawei said that it “bonded heteroatoms to the molecule of graphite in anode, which could be a catalyst for the capture and transmission of lithium through carbon bonds. Huawei stated that the heteroatoms increase the charging speed of batteries without decreasing energy density or battery life.”

The company said that the the batteries underwent “many rounds of testing, and have been certified by Huawei’s terminal test department.”

The company believes that it has made a major breakthrough in the development of quick-charging batteries, which could lead to a “revolution in electronic devices”.

There is no word on when the batteries will enter the market.