Hyperloop One unveils nine potential European routes

Hyperloop One has unveiled nine potential European routes, spanning 5,000 kilometers, connecting over 75 million people in 44 cities.

Hyperloop is a transport system that uses a custom electric motor to propel a pod-like vehicle through a low-pressure tube at speeds of over 620 miles per hour (1,000 kilometers per hour).

Image: Hyperloop One

Last year Hyperloop Once carried out its first live trial of the technology, demonstrating that its custom linear electric motor could propoel a sled from 0 to 110 miled an hour in just over one second.

“Our vision is to, one day, connect all of Europe with our Hyperloop One system, networking the entire Continent,” said Shervin Pishevar, co-founder and executive chairman of Hyperloop One.

List of potential European Hyperloop routes:

Route Route distance
Corsica-Sardinia 451km
Estonia-Finland 90km
Germany 1,991km
Poland 415km
Spain-Morocco 629km
The Netherlands 428km
UK-North-South Connector 666km
UK-Northern Arc 545km
UK- Scotland-Wales 1,060km

“Europe embraces new ideas in transportation like no other region in the world and is uniquely positioned to take the next great leap in transportation with Hyperloop One,” said Shervin Pishevar, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Hyperloop One.

“Our vision is to, one day, connect all of Europe with our Hyperloop One system, networking the entire continent.”

The Hyperloop One technology to complementary to existing transport infrastructure in Europe, said Rob Lloyd, Chief Executive Officer of Hyperloop One.

“Hyperloop One will offer Europe’s transport grid with an option that is more efficient, greener, on-demand and faster. We’ve seen a lot of interest here, and we look forward to creating a partnership to enhance the continent’s transport infrastructure,” Lloyds said.

Hyperloop said:

“For the last two years, our team of nearly 200 engineers, technicians and fabricators developed our technology and transformed a stretch of desert in the U.S. into a working test track that proves we can build a Hyperloop system anywhere in the world.

“We’re looking forward to showcasing our technology and believe that Europe is the perfect region for one of the world’s first Hyperloop systems.”