The Importance Of Hiring A Lawyer In A Workplace Accident

Workplace accidents are commonplace, and anyone can fall victim. In fact, you’ve probably been involved in one before, especially if you work at a factory full of heavy machines and a lot of chemicals. One of the worst things about accidents is that they usually happen when you least expect them. As such, all employers are expected to ensure that all safety measures are put in place and followed.

Injured employee visiting lawyer for advice on insurance

However, despite strict adherence to the precautions, injuries at work are still inevitable. Whether the cause of the accident was the employee’s or the employer’s fault, the injured party has the right to claim compensation from their insurance company. Unfortunately, many workers out there do not know what they are supposed to do in case of such occurrences.

This article will discuss why you need to hire an attorney if involved in an accident at your workplace.

  1. Knowledge Of The Law

Workplace accident cases can be quite complicated, even if you know your rights. Understanding the law as stipulated in the constitution is one thing, but applying it is another. Attorneys are trained to relate real-life situations to the rule of law. As such, it would be prudent to employ the services of a skilled professional.

For non-subscriber employers, the law governing their operation is quite complicated and limits the defenses they can raise. For instance, they cannot escape their responsibility by claiming that you were partially at fault. Experienced attorneys understand all the loopholes and will negotiate the best deal for you.

  1. Third-Party Claims May Arise

Sometimes, you might file a workplace case thinking it’s that straightforward, but there could be more to it than you think. Apart from your employer, there could be another party involved. For instance, maybe, you were involved in a car accident on your way to work the same day the incident happened at your workplace.

That means you could have sustained injuries twice, in which case you’ll have two parties who are legally compelled to compensate you. This is one of the reasons why personal injury cases can be quite complex. Your employer and the third party might be required to share the damages, but a percentage needs to be determined. A lawyer will ease things out for you and ensure that you get what you deserve for the injuries you sustained.

  1. Insurance Companies Are Already Armed With Their Lawyers

Insurance companies are happy to compensate their clients, that’s why many people subscribe to their services. However, when a case is filed, these firms always look to pay as little as possible. As such, you might even receive below 50% of the required amount if you are not careful. Remember, your insurance provider will come with its lawyers, and they’ll probably outsmart you when it comes to matters concerning law.

Although it is no guarantee that you’ll win the case, having a qualified attorney beside you at the court is an added advantage. It is also a reflection of how serious you are about the case. Keep in mind that choosing the best attorney for workplace accident cases also plays a vital role in the outcome. Therefore, before you decide on who should handle the case, make sure they meet all your needs. 

  1. It Will Save You Time and Money

Handling the case by yourself may seem budget-friendly at the beginning. However, you might end up losing a lot of money. In addition, it could take so much of your time, especially if you are fit to go back to work. At the end of it all, you might still be compensated, but way below than what you expected.

Avoid such frustrations by hiring an experienced lawyer to represent you during the court sessions. Apart from being knowledgeable, an attorney will help free up most of your time because you’ll only be expected at the court during specific sessions. Therefore, you can go back to work or embark on other tasks while your lawyer does what they know best.


If you are wondering what’s next after a workplace accident, then, a lawyer could be the best answer. Hiring an attorney will help you as you plan to argue your case at the court of law. Of course, you might have an idea of the procedures, but lawyers are equipped with diverse knowledge of the law.

Having a skilled professional handle your case will be vital in the success of your claims. Attorneys offer support, especially if you are expected at work. The fact that the insurance companies will hire their own lawyers leaves you with no other viable option.

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