How to Improve Google Business Reviews

Google reviews are remarkably integral. About 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations and 90% read online reviews before visiting the website of a business. Online business reviews are not only the final aspect that tips prospects to customers but they also hold too much weight in the current search system.

Improve Google Business Reviews
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The majority of businesspersons struggle to improve their online presence. Not only do they want to maintain a good reputation but also serve as many customers as possible hence stand out from their competitors.

However, for you to increase your online presence, you need to have as many positive reviews as possible. But, how can you go about this? The reviews management software you may be using may not be sufficient to draw traffic to your site. Do not fuss. Below are some techniques and guidelines that you can use to learn how to increase your Google business reviews.

Directly ask clients for a Google review

One of the simplest ways to get a Google review is by asking. Inquiring for review is one of the most direct means to ascertain that content clients receive your request. If you are on the phone with a happy and satisfied customer, ask them to write a review. It is that easy. Of course, you can also simply add Google reviews to website by integrating the reviews to your site.

Send a follow-up email

After a successful transaction or purchase, send your client a follow-up email and ask them to leave you a Google review. In your email, ensure that you are personal, thank your customers for selecting you, tell them you appreciate and read all feedback, and enlighten them on the vitality of customer feedback. Additionally, you can leave a link out for visitors to leave you a Google review.

Incorporate a review link to your site

Another efficient means to get more Google reviews is to incorporate a review link to your site or create a custom review link. Visitors as well as your customers can leave you a review(s) by clicking on this link.

Adding a review link can help you get more Google reviews because it is an easier and more efficient technique that customers can use.

Install review generation software

Review generation software or tools help streamline the review process. There is a variety of review generation tools that you can use to get more Google reviews on your website such as NiceJob, Broadly, BirdEye, Nearby Now, Podium, Customer Lobby, ReviewBuzz, and Trustpilot among others.

Follow up on your review requests more than once

If a customer does not leave you a review at first, this does not imply that they will never leave one. You may have caught them at a bad time during your initial request. Or, they may have wanted to leave you a review after their first purchases but forgot about it.

Follow up by creating two email templates besides your initial review request. Also, limit your total number of review requests. Try sending a new request once in a while until you hit the maximum. Do not seem too desperate. Also, you need to understand that some people will not leave a review albeit the number of times you ask for it. Reviews management software, is a great tool to keep track of your reviews effectively.

Be cool when you get a bad review

Bad reviews are part of your business’ growth and development. If you get one or more, do not deliver excuses. Accept responsibility and vow that you will rectify the issue.

When clients notice that you monitor and reply to reviews, even bad ones, they are more apt to view you as a stand-up business and choose your products and services.

In conclusion, reviews are crucial to your business and they influence customer decisions in various ways. Thus, it is important to ensure that you get as many positive reviews as possible to serve as many clients as possible. And, above are some tips that can help you increase your Google reviews.

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