How to Increase Your Credit Score Using Software

Credit score using software image 4mm4mmYour credit score can be a crucial factor for paying for the things you need the most – a car, a house, a business capital and other important things. Sadly, inaccurate credit reporting still affects a significant number of consumers in the US. A 2013 report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states that about 1 in 5 had credit report errors that could negatively affect their credit scores.  These errors range from simple typographical errors to identity thefts.

Luckily, technology has found a way to deal with many of our problems, including erroneous credit reports. Credit repair software can help correct credit report mistakes and increase your credit score at the same time.

Choose the Right Software For You

Thanks to the competitiveness of the credit repair industry, there are many credit repair software that are specifically designed for the different types of users. The credit repair software are typically broadly categorized into two: the everyday consumers and the professionals.

The former is for individual consumers who want to improve their credit score and have their inaccurate credit reports corrected. The latter is recommended for professionals who have clients or those who run businesses and want their credit scores to maintain favorably, be increased dramatically and have their incorrect credit reports rectified.

The software for these categories have specific and tailor-fit programs that are designed to assist the users improve their credit scores and status based on their ideal activities.

Credit Repair Software for Consumers

This software has various tools that can help make credit score improvement easier and more convenient. If you want to have the credit report correction process sped up and there automated are tools from the software that can generate templates for credit report disputes, which can save you time from composing or editing your created format.

Template generation also helps eliminate the possibility of erroneous information input from manually keying in the needed information from the format. Other software provides credit reports, generate financial journals and other helpful tools. Others promote financial independence by providing the additional feature of tips, coaching and training. An example of this would be The Credit Coach software.

Credit Repair Software for Professionals and Businesses

This software is a client-oriented type of program that can handle more than one user. The consumer-type is for a single user while this type is professionals and businesspersons who are handling clients.

This software typically features dispute letter management, where you can try out DisputeBee for an automated and convenient dispute process from start to finish. Generating dispute letters for sending to the three major credit report agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) is so much easier with a credit repair software. All you need to do is fill in the necessary information on the first use of the tool and you’ll get an auto-generated template that’s complete with the necessary details of the sender and receiver (the credit report agencies) and the transactions of the clients that they want to be corrected.

Aside from dispute letter management, most of the credit repair software for businesses also come with convenient and useful features such as automatic reminders, customer billing, check printing and general management functions.

There can be a technologically advanced way of restoring your credit score without having to break a sweat. Instead of the long and tedious process of personally creating different dispute letters to different credit report agencies, you can have a simple and fast way of doing the process with the help of a credit repair software. Thus, you are saving yourself time, by sparing yourself from the hassle composing dispute letters; and you are saving yourself from worries about forgetting important details about the transactions you want to dispute. The availability of such a software is Godsent for many consumers who want to get back on track with their credits.


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