Influencers From Across The World Helps Nintendo Market Their Latest Game Release Everybody 1-2-Switch

(Photo Credit: Youtube/Nintendo of America)

The collaboration between Nintendo and the 16 invited content creators proved to have played a vital role in marketing the release of “Everybody 1-2-Switch”. Their wide reach and captivating storytelling abilities enabled them to effectively promote the game, generating significant buzz and fueling excitement among their followers and the broader online community.

Through their respective social media platforms, the content creators shared their experiences from the first look party, showcasing the unique features and gameplay of Everybody 1-2-Switch in an engaging manner. They leveraged their influence to create captivating content, gameplay challenges, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, all aimed at creating hype and anticipation for the game’s launch.

The influencers’ efforts did not go unnoticed, as their posts, videos, and stories reached millions of viewers worldwide. Their authentic endorsement of Everybody 1-2-Switch served as a powerful example of online influencer marketing, building trust and credibility among their followers. The creators’ enthusiasm and excitement for the game were contagious, creating a buzz that extended far beyond traditional marketing channels.

Nintendo capitalized on this organic amplification of their marketing message, as the influencers effectively became brand ambassadors for the game. Their endorsement resonated with their respective audiences, leading to increased brand visibility, greater engagement, and a surge in pre-orders for the game.

By collaborating with these influential content creators, Nintendo not only reached a wider audience but also tapped into the creators’ unique storytelling abilities and connection with their followers. This strategy enabled Nintendo to expand their reach, engage with the online community, and foster a sense of anticipation and excitement that translated into tangible growth for the company.

Overall, the partnership between Nintendo and the 16 content creators proved to be a successful marketing strategy. Through their collective efforts, they effectively marketed the release of “Everybody 1-2-Switch!” in a way that helped Nintendo grow its audience, generate buzz, and ultimately drive sales for the highly anticipated gaming release. 

Content creators credits from around the world that made this happen: 


  • Yukirinu(YouTube: @yukrinu)
  • JENNI(YouTube: @_JENNI_2017_)
  • MasuoTV(YouTube: @MasuoTV)
  • aiai(YouTube: @ii2U2)

United States of America:

  • Ryan Shakes(TikTok:@itsryanshakes)
  • Kennedy Rose (


  • Spencer Barbosa(TikTok:@spencer.barbosa)


  • Eddy Skabeche (YouTube: @SKabeche)


  • KickThePJ(YouTube: @KickThePJ)


  • CamilleLV(YouTube: @CamilleLV.)


  • Favij(YouTube: @FavijTV)


  • AlexiBexi(YouTube: @AlexiBexi)


  • Ray Bacon(YouTube: @RayBacon)

The Netherlands:

  • Furtjuh(YouTube: @Furtjuh)


  • Sam and Teagan(YouTube: @TheRybkaTwins)