Is Every Patient a Candidate for Hair Transplant?

Every year, millions of men and women suffer from alopecia which can be felt in many ways including hair loss and baldness. Although this is more common in males, women also often experience baldness and experienced it at a higher rate than their male counterparts.

A hair transplant is a procedure where an individual’s existing tissue can be replaced with more healthy, new hair follicles. If a person has a lot of hair loss (baldness), they may consider the Hair Transplant Turkey  for hair transplant.

Most people think that all men or women who lose hair through aging or due to any other reason qualify for a hair transplant procedure. However, there are certain factors that determine if a patient is an ideal patient for a hair transplant. Here is the hair transplant turkey price  and a factor that determines whether one is an ideal patient.

Patient’s Age and Overall Health

The first thing to look at when considering hair transplantation is the patient’s age. If someone has been diagnosed with an underlying disease or condition that is affecting their body, then it is best for them to avoid undergoing any invasive procedures like this. 

In addition, if a person has already undergone several surgeries in their life and their doctor has recommended that they stop going under the knife, they should definitely think twice before getting a hair transplant because there are no guarantees that it will work out well for them in the long run.

If someone is healthy and young, then they can consider getting a hair transplant if they want to improve their appearance or just feel better about themselves by having more confidence in how they look on the outside. All of these factors come into play when determining whether or not someone qualifies for hair transplants.

You qualify for a hair transplant surgery if:

You have genetic hair loss that has occurred on both sides of your head. This means you may have thinning or balding in the front part of your scalp, but not at all in the back area.

You have a high degree of visible scalp scarring from other types of treatments, such as laser therapy, that made hair follicles dormant or even damaged them.

Your existing pattern of thinning is fairly well-defined and uniform throughout your scalp instead of being patchy or patchy across different areas of your scalp.


Whatever the cause of your hair loss, if you decide to opt for a hair transplant then you should make sure that you are in the right hands. On the basis of your physical condition and requirement, your option should be decided.

Only then can you take the correct decision about your hair transplant. Basically, it is possible to get a hair transplant to get natural-looking results while allowing you to keep your own hair. A consultation with an experienced specialist should let you know if you are actually a good candidate for a hair transplant.

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