Is Orange Theory HIIT? Everything About The Workout 

As you know, HIIT workout is a High-Intensity Interval Training workout that raises the heart rate a lot faster than other workout sessions. Similarly, orange theory is a training that includes interval workouts with various challenging stations.

So if you have heard about orange theory workout and are wondering is orange theory HIIT, the answer is yes. This workout primarily focuses on heart-rate-based HIIT, where you have to do half cardio and half strength training to improve major areas like constancy, strength, and power. 

However, we have gathered more information about the orange theory workout for your convenience. So, now we will share everything that’s in our bucket today. Follow up! 

Is Orange Theory HIIT?

Yes, orange theory is HIIT. HIIT workout is a powerful cardio workout that maintains your health. If you have conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or heart disease, it will help you boost your immune system. 

During the workout session, you need to wear a heart-rate monitor to keep track of your progress. This is the uniqueness of orange theory workouts. 

However, some experts do not agree that orange theory is ultimately a HIIT workout as it contains both high-intensity cardiac and low-intensity strength sessions. As this workout does not focus on specific workout areas, it’s a mix of cardio and strength exercises. 

You can say that the cardio sessions are HIIT, whereas the strength and power sessions are low-intensity workouts to build up your muscles.

What Is An OrangeTheory Workout? 

The orange theory HIIT workout is a high-energy and full-body workout that doesn’t only help in your cardiac well-being but also takes care of your whole fitness. Interestingly, you can burn calories even after the exercise if you do this training. 

Unlike other workouts, you don’t have to compare your progress with others. Depending on your age, requirements, and capacity- the trainer will measure the necessary goals. The ultimate goal of this workout is to reach the “orange” level, which means that you can put in the highest efforts required.

Advantages Of OrangeTheory:

This is not like the typical workouts that we tend to do. There are a lot of benefits for you during each session, especially if you have cardiac issues. Here are some core benefits of orange theory: 

  • Your heart rate will be monitored during the workout, and you will understand your progress better. 
  • Also, you will understand how your health is improving even if the slightest change occurs. 
  • Moreover, this workout can help to reduce chronic diseases and cancers.
  • If you struggle with stress or anxiety, the sessions will significantly improve your mental health.
  • Also, people struggling with insomnia will substantially benefit from enhancing their sleep cycle. 
  • Lastly, if you plan to change your body physique, this is a perfect shot for even beginners. 

Is It Beneficial To Do Orange theory Every Day?

No, too much of anything is bad for your health, especially when it’s a HIIT workout. Orange theory contains high-intensity cardio exercises that can be exhausting and dangerous for your health if you overdo them. 

So doing the sessions every day is not advised at all. You need to do the sessions under the supervision of a trainer, and s/he will suggest your required times for doing the sessions. 

You need to take proper rest before you take each session. Trainers suggest doing 3-4 Orange theory classes every week for the best outcome. 

Is OrangeTheory Fitness Effective?

Everything you need from a workout is available in the sessions of orange theory. So, yes, you can count on this workout for your overall fitness. The sessions will maintain your heart’s well-being and burn a lot of calories with the proper combination of HIIT exercises. It will be more beneficial if you use the best shoes for orange theory

Additional Information On The Orange theory Exercise: 

Is OrangeTheory High Intensity Interval Training?

Partially, yes. The cardio sessions of the workout are HIIT. But it also contains strength sessions that help to build up your muscle. Those sessions are not considered HIIT. 

What Type Of Workout Is Orange theory?

Mainly orange theory is a HIIT workout with a combination of general cardio exercises and muscle-building activities. The combination can be very satisfactory to reach your fitness goals and help your cardiac well-being. 

How Many Times A Week Should I Do Orange theory?

You should do orange theory 3-4 times every week. Doing the workout sessions every day can do more harm than good and can have a negative impact on your overall fitness goals. So you should ensure proper rest before you take the next session. 

Is Orange theory All Cardio?

No, this workout is a mixture of cardio and strength training. But it focuses on the cardio sessions, so it is a HIIT workout. Strength or power training can help build up your endurance, stability, and muscle. 

Will Orange theory Get You In Shape?

It won’t necessarily get you in shape as the main target of this workout is not that. Instead, it will help you in your fitness journey and significantly reduce weight. So if your main intention is to lose weight, this exercise might not be the perfect choice for you. 

How Many Calories Do You Burn After Orange theory?

You can burn calculatingly 500 to 1000 calories per 60 minute orange theory workout. But not only during the workout sessions; the interesting fact is this workout lets you burn calories even during the interval periods. So even while you are not working out, you can still burn calories while being on orange theory.

Moving To The End 

By now, you know the answer to your question: is orange theory HIIT. It is a great workout to do if you are still confused. The workout sessions can help you reach your fitness goal within 60 minutes of exercise. 

Also, it is praise-worthy as it continues to burn calories even during the intervals. But if you want to get in shape, you might want to consider other options, especially for losing weight. Even though this workout can help you with your fitness, it is not entirely meant to lose weight. 

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