Italy honeymoon for every type of couple

With its amazing landscapes, its delicious food and its laid-back lifestyle, Italy is one of the best countries for indulging in the pleasures of life, together with your spouse. This destination allows you to experience many interesting attractions, bringing you all the novelty of your life as a newly wed couple, but also offering special moments to spend with your partner, celebrating of your love. Perhaps sipping a good glass of wine at sunset, taking in a stunning vista. But here are some tips to make your Italy honeymoon even more special, according to the type of couple you are.

  • Italy honeymoon for a sporty couple

If you and your partner are the sporty type of people, your perfect Italy honeymoon should include a stop to Cinque Terre: a coastal area within Liguria that offers awesome hikes, especially in its National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Admire nature’s complete beauty, with the sea on one side and the hills on the other.

If you are into water sports, Sardinia is the right spot. You can practice surf thanks to its wind and high waves. This region also has a wild vibe and it’s suitable for the most adventures couples. You can also rent a car for a road trip around the island.

Lastly, if you enjoy winter sports you definitely need to book your Italy honeymoon in the Dolomites. Here you can ski in the winter months, but also try mountain climbing, hiking, cycling, and base jumping in summer and late spring or early autumn.

  • Italy honeymoon for an artsy couple

If you are the artsy and intellectual type of couple, your Italy honeymoon should definitely include its major cities. Admire the architecture of buildings from the Medieval times to the twentieth century, and visit all the wonderful museums. Rome and the Vatican City surely are a must-see location for discovering the Roman Empire, the Renaissance and Baroque period, but also Florence with its Uffizi Gallery is rich in cultural attractions.

Venice is a city like no other in the world – and so romantic, as well – and makes an unmissable stop-over in your Italian tour. And if you are into contemporary art, plan your trip during the Biennale to see artworks from all over the world.

  • Italy honeymoon for a relaxed couple

Looking for a honeymoon as a break from your hectic life? Pick Italy’s most gorgeous and relaxing places. For example, you can go to Lake Como and book a room in a boutique hotel: the tranquil waters of the lake, its perfect microclimate and environment, and the chance of visiting all the prestigious villas and villages nearby. A real oasis that will make you focus on your spouse, relaxing together and bonding, completely unbothered.

For a similar experience but a more rural vibe, you can opt for an Italy honeymoon in the Tuscan countryside. Hills and fields surrounded by picturesque villages, for a holiday that is all about food   – cheeses and charcuterie boards are a must! – and wine tasting, nature, and peace.

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