Do You Really Need to Purchase a Jetted Bathtub for Your Home?

Over the past century, the number of devices, artefacts, and systems that humans have invented and can purchase to make our lives easier, more comfortable, and more pleasant have increased significantly. Ever since the advent of the Internet, buying such items has become easier than ever. A jetted tub, for example, can help you relax after a hard day’s work. Some people say they also help them sleep better.

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If you are wondering what a jetted bathtub is, read on:

What Is a Jetted Bathtub?

The term jetted bathtub means a bathtub with Jacuzzi jets producing bubbles. Its size is typically suitable for one person. The price of the product depends on different factors, including:

  • its size,
  • the number of jets,
  • the brand and some other factors.

Prices range from about $600 to super-luxury ones that sell for more than $20,000. There are also larger bathtubs with Jacuzzi jets suitable for two or more people, which are usually referred to as whirlpools or Jacuzzis.

When talking about sizes, we generally think of lengths and widths, but not depths. However, according to, some people love getting into a deep bathtub where they can immerse themselves completely in water.

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What are the Benefits of a Jetted Bathub?

Having a jetted bathtub offers several benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Muscle relaxation

Lying in the bathtub allows you to fully relax your muscles. It is no wonder that hydrotherapy is often recommended for recovering athletes. The jets massage your muscles, which stimulates blood flow.

Pain relief

We already know that activities such as swimming or just floating in water have an anti-inflammatory effect on the human body. Doing so with jets of water and bubbles massaging your body adds to the effect. Pain is closely related to levels of inflammation, i.e., less inflammation often means less pain.

Improved blood circulation and blood pressure

If you need to boost the circulation of blood in your body, a jetted bathtub may help. It may also work wonders for people with hypertension (high blood pressure).

Combating fatigue

There is nothing more relaxing and refreshing than arriving home after a tiring and stressful day at work than lying in a hot, bubbly tub for twenty minutes.

Alleviating mental stress

With a combination of temperature, flowing water, bubbles, and buoyancy, lying in a jetted bathtub may help relieve the unpleasant symptoms caused by mental stress.

Having some ‘me time’

Sometimes you may simply want to treat yourself and forget about all your work and family responsibilities. It’s a great way to reward yourself with some me time.