John Giorgi Explains What You Must Know About Deposition Summaries for Lawyers and Law Firms

Pre-trial discovery phase is a critical part of a lawsuit. It is through this phase that all the named parties collect key evidence, define strategies, and prepare themselves for the trial. One major component of this phase is the deposition, a question-and-answer session between an attorney or attorneys and witnesses, who likely have some important knowledge about the case. This testimony is then changed into a written transcript so that it can prove useful during the trial.

Often some deposition transcripts are complex and take up a lot of time for busy lawyers and law firms. This is where a top litigation support firm can help by providing deposition summaries of deposition transcripts. These summaries contain key points about the testimony, which help lawyers and law firms use testimonies effectively in courts.

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John Giorgi shares information about the importance of deposition summaries

The foremost benefit of these summaries is that they allow an attorney to make their arguments or position stronger in a court case. Often witnesses forget or deliberately change their statement inside a court. In such situations, an attorney can use deposition summaries and remind a witness of what he or she said in their prior statement. When dealing with litigation cases, you must know how your attorney can help you better with deposition summaries.

During depositions, witnesses talk about so many things. While some information is critical, the rest of the details are mostly of lesser significance. If lawyers sit down to find key information in a deposition transcript, the process can take many hours.

Since the pre-trial phase is very important and should be spent on creating strategies, letting a litigation support company create a summary of the deposition transcript makes sense as law firms, and attorneys get more time to focus on other key areas of the case.

John Giorgi explains that there are certain cases where clients struggle to pay their attorney’s fee, which is charged on an hourly basis. Attorneys can save their valuable time as well as their client’s money by using deposition summaries. If you wish to know more about the ways deposition summaries can help in strengthen your case, you can get in touch with professionals.

Not every testimony is going to be the same in every case. There are cases where the testimonies are rather technical such as workers’ compensation or personal injury. In such cases, judgment will be given based on witnesses and evidence that are direct and discernible. Since deposition summaries make testimonies simpler and concise, they will prove extremely helpful in technical cases for lawyers and law firms.

If interested, you can get in touch with a litigation support consultant online, inquire about its deposition summary services, and hire it to use your pre-trial time focusing on other pressing matters. John Giorgi emphasizes making sure to look for the best law consulting firm online, so you will be able to prepare your case for good.

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