4 Simple Reasons Why a Landlord Would Need Legal Representation

While the relationship between a landlord and a tenant is usually smooth, things can happen. If the two parties cannot resolve the issue between them, that means it’s time to seek legal representation. What sort of situation would motivate the property owner to find landlord dispute lawyer or possibly look into the possibility of hiring one of the appeal court lawyers around town? Here are four possible scenarios.

Why would a landlord need legal representation nn44009222A Tenant Damages the Property

Many tenants are responsible enough to take care of the places they rent. Others are not as diligent. If the landlord finds that a tenant has damaged the property, that may be grounds to take legal action. In the best case scenario, a word from the lawyer may be all it takes for the tenant to decide that covering the costs of the damage may be a good idea.

If the case does go to trial and the outcome is not in the favour of the landlord, there’s still something that can be done. One of the appeal court lawyers Toronto can take on the case and see if there are grounds to appeal the decision to a higher court. If so, the landlord may have another chance to recover the cost of those damages.

A Tenant Isn’t Paying Rent

A tenant isn’t paying rent and claims that the withholding of payments is due to something that the landlord is failing to provide. In this case, intervention by a landlord dispute lawyer may help prevent the situation from escalating to the courtroom. With legal counsel for each side coming together, it may be possible to work out some sort of resolution that leaves both parties happy.

Managing the Eviction Process

When a tenant has clearly broken the terms of the lease and exhibits no desire to make any changes, eviction is the most practical solution. The thing to remember is that eviction is more of a process than an event. With the counsel of a lawyer, it’s possible to document actions and events that provide more of a foundation for the eviction.

There’s always the possibility that a lower court may find in favour of the tenant. This is where aid from an appeal court lawyer Toronto will help. The lawyer can file an appeal that includes the grounds for making the attempt. Should a review confirm that the appeals lawyer has presented evidence that an appeal is in order, it’s possible to take the matter back to court.

Mounting a Defence if the Tenant Claims the Landlord is Responsible for an Injury

If a tenant is injured on the property, it may take some effort to determine who is responsible. Should the tenant hold that the injury had something to do with actions taken by the landlord, a personal injury suit is likely. In that type of situation, legal representation is a must.

Depending on the outcome of the suit, the landlord may want to appeal the decision. Assuming there are grounds to do so, one of the appeal court lawyers Toronto can handle the appeal on behalf of the landlord.

The bottom line is that landlords should not hesitate to take legal action in the event that a tenant chooses to sue or is not complying with the terms found in the lease or rental agreement. Talk with a lawyer today about what’s happening and see what kind of solutions are possible. At the very least, you will have someone on hand who can work to ensure your rights are protected.


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