Lawyer SEO Generates Highest ROI For Attorneys According To Expert

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According to The National Law Review Publication, 96% of all people seeking legal services search online first. Although the publication does not specify the nature of the search,  it is an indication of the importance of SEO for law firms. People first seek guidance online before settling for an attorney on any matter. If you are a lawyer, you must invest in SEO  to be able to enjoy success in this era. You may probably wonder, why invest in SEO when you already have a website? Well, having a website is very different from enjoying success. To break down the details, here are the figures.

Statistics of SEO and Law Practice

According to a survey conducted by Google, 75% of web visitors will not venture past the first page results. This means that, if your legal website does not appear among the first page results, it is virtually useless. While you might be busy investing money in paid Google ads, the survey done by Google shows a different trend. Surprisingly,  60- 80 % of web users ignore PPC ads. In a nutshell, there is no shortcut when it comes to success online. Your site must rank high to gain credibility. For this reason, you must invest in quality SEO services.

Facts About SEO and ROI

1. High ROI

Law firm marketing experts at  have proven that High return on investment is guaranteed if you invest in SEO. Unlike PPC ads, SEO does provide a long term solution. PPC ads only last as much as your money is available. Comparing dollar to dollar, ads are very expensive as compared to SEO. It is also important to remember that, over 75% of web users ignore ads when searching the web. This means that ads offer the lowest ROI. However, any site that ranks high enjoys enormous traffic from genuine web users.

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2.  Enjoy Relevant Traffic

It is one thing to enjoy traffic and totally different businesses to enjoy conversions. There are many lawyers who buy bot-generated traffic that does not result in conversions.  SEO based traffic is rich with converting clients who will help you propel your business to the next level. Instead of continuous investment in paid ads, try investing in a better website. SEO caters to overall customer needs. With the right plan, an SEO strategy will lead to faster services, prompt replies to customers, and hence overall customer satisfaction. These are factors that cannot be attained by advertising. According to data,  SEO tops the conversion rates. As compared to Social media, email marketing, inbound links, and PPC, SEO stands at the top of the graph at 15%, only equal to Social Media. On the other hand, the same data shows that PPC only enjoys a 9% approval rate among marketers and does not have a promising future. 

3. Investment In SEO Improves Overall Service Delivery

When you invest in SEO you do more than just boost traffic. In essence, SEO is not about generating traffic but rather service delivery. With the right SEO strategy, you are able to provide the best customer experience. Modern SEO practice demands that you provide the best services for better ranking. Search engines such as Google track the usability of your site by checking at factors such as length of session, conversions, and load times among others. The right SEO expert must focus on making your website more usable and hence improve your service delivery. 

4. SEO Will Build Your Reputation and Grow Your Brand

Return on investment also features in the long-run benefits. People who don’t understand the value of long term investments are quick to buy traffic through ads. However, investing in SEO is the only way to build your brand for the future. The right SEO strategy pays attention to reputation management. You will be glad to know that an SEO expert should be able to get the best client reviews on the top of search pages. You can rest easy knowing that the dirty reviews written by ill intentional people will not tarnish your good name. Further, SEO works together with other digital marketing tools to grow your brand. Through SEO, PPC and Social media, you will be able to develop your brand and give it recognition in the long run. The growth of your brand is the best form of returns you should expect from all your investments

As much as you are the best at what you do, your law career may not blossom as you expected if you ignore SEO. SEO has been proven by experts to be the best option when it comes to law firm marketing. SEO services will help you advance your career by boosting traffic and conversion rates. According to Hubspot, SEO  has been proven by research to be the leading converting strategy in the digital marketing world.

SEO is part of online marketing, which we also refer to as digital marketing or Internet marketing.