Limiting your carbon footprint when you’re visiting Shakespeare’s England

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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Shakespeare’s England. We know just how vital our green landscapes are not only to the popularity of the places we represent but so future generations also have the opportunity to do the same and a planet to enjoy.

There are plenty of things you can do to be mindful of your impact on the environment when visiting the region. Let’s look at what that can involve and offer some tips.

Portable coffee cups and reusable water bottles

There’s nothing quite like strolling through the park or village high street on a frosty day with a hot drink in your hands to keep you warm. 

Bringing your own coffee cup and water bottles from home means you’re doing your bit for the planet by refilling your containers – it’s likely to save you money too. Many coffee shops charge less for those who bring in their own coffee cups. You can also find places to refill your water dotted all over Shakespeare’s England.

An incredibly useful tool, the Refill app, points you in the direction of places where you can fill your reusable bottles with drinks to keep you refreshed and hydrated throughout your day.

Take public transport or carshare if you can

If every single person were to drive an individual car to a tourist destination, for example, this would have much more damaging consequences on the planet than travelling together with others or on a train or bus.

Getting out of these bad habits gets us into a routine of making eco-conscious choices. Consider the fact that the trains and buses will be running anyway, so you don’t need to use up your valuable fuel. The decrease in the number of cars on the road should significantly reduce the traffic and noise pollution on our South Warwickshire streets, thus making it a more pleasant experience for everyone to enjoy their sightseeing.

Local produce and souvenirs

Gifts or souvenirs that have been made far away from Warwickshire, or even abroad, will have a far larger impact on the environment than locally made products due to the high transit costs to get the materials here.

The same is applied to food and other purchases; if you buy things that are sourced in the local area, you can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the item and have something truly authentic to take home.

Promote sustainable causes

Getting the message out there is half the battle when it comes to eco-friendliness. Even putting a post on your social media pages can spread the word and encourage others to think of their actions when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

Tell your friends about what they can do when visiting local attractions, in Shakespeare’s England or further afield. For all there is to learn about green causes when visiting South Warwickshire, explore the website today.

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