London Tour Guide: 10 Best Things to Do in London

What do you expect when you plan a trip? Beautiful sightseeing, tasty food, diverse shopping, unplanned parties, and unforgettable memories. London is home to all of this! Have you watched or read any of the series of Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Charles Dickens, or Doctor Who? It’s high time to visit the fictional places in reality! How? We got you! Just like always, we have heard your wish and we are here with 10 top things to do in London.

Your wish is our command at Next Holidays. Let’s get started with what’s best to see in London and figure out your travel itinerary.

Things to Do in London

Whenever we plan a trip somewhere it is quite tricky to decide what attractions to include and what things to do. You don’t have to wonder because we’ve got you covered with the top London attractions in 2024 that will turn your trip into a wonderful experience. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you definitely can not miss when in London. Here is a list of the best things to do in London but don’t be upset if you can’t do them all on your first visit because London will definitely call you back. 

1. Visiting Museum 

There are so many museums in London; visiting at least one during your trip is mandatory! If history attracts you then visiting the British Museum and the Museum of London might be your thing. And if you are a fan of art, then the National Portrait Gallery may interest you. You will also find the Science Museum, the London Transport Museum, and more.  

Don’t miss: If art galleries excite you, Tate Modern is a must-visit for you.

2. The Theater District 

This area is famous for more than just theaters; it is a place that has it all, from Piccadilly Circus, Soho, and Leicester Square to the exciting clubbing hours. Explore the streets of the area and learn about the history of this place. Discovering the good places to go in London will surely make your trip eccentric and memorable.

Don’t miss: Regent’s Street and Oxford Street, which are near the Piccadilly Circus, a must-visit if you are on a shopping spree in London.

3. Visiting Platform 93/4

The greatest news ever for Potterheads in London is here! All the Potterheads will inevitably get what we are talking about when we say platform 93/4. Isn’t it? Do you want to disappear into a magical world after suddenly hitting a wall? You must be there at Platform 93/4 to live in Harry’s world of adventures and jollies. On top of that, why miss the iconic Hotel Ron, where the crazy but sweet family met our lovely Harry Potter?

Don’t miss: Book your tickets to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour to feel the warmth of muggles and Dobby.

4. Visiting The Shard 

They say love and romance are everywhere in this world. All you need is the pure intention to find it! One of the best tourist places in London is The Shard, which can be the best place for an intimate date in London. This 1016-foot tall tower made of glass and steel is indeed the highest building in the UK and the top of it caters to some of the best memories of your life. Are you in London with your beloved? Don’t forget to share the most private proposal at The Shard.

Don’t miss: Are you skeptical about the Shard? Drop by the majestic Sky Garden!

5. Notre Dame de France

We crave serenity everywhere we go across the globe. The serenity that we find at religious sites is nowhere to be found. Do you agree? One such serene church is Notre Dame de France. An interesting fact about it is that it is the first ever church in the city of London made of cast iron. Get riveted in the history and culture with the readings of the holy bible at Notre Dame de France.

Don’t miss: The church is situated in Soho. So, don’t miss out on exploring the entertaining streets of Soho when you swing by Notre Dame de France.

6. Explore The Borough Market  

If you have seen London in the movies, you must be aware of the iconic London Bridge. Aren’t you? Close to it is the city’s oldest food market, Borough Market. Its aberrant tastes undoubtedly make it one of the top tourist sites in London. The pleasure we get from savoring different kinds of foods is incomparable. Do you agree? Explore unforgettable flavors of aromatic coffee, artisan cheese, smooth gelato, fresh oysters, and more at the Borough Market.

Don’t miss: Remember to drop by Columbia Road Flower Market, Camden Market, Portobello Road Market, and Spitalfields Market.

7. Crossness Pumping Station 

Have you ever witnessed the underground stations of London? Forget that. Do you ever think that a sewerage can be so beautiful that you cannot forget it? If not, your perspective will change once you visit the Crossness Pumping Station. Blending the underground vibes of Britain into the sewerage, they have given it a whole new character to it. If you are looking for unique vibes on your London vacation, this is the place you have to add to your priority list.

Don’t miss: Near the Crossness Pumping Station is the SEA LIFE London Aquarium, which cannot be ignored.

8. London Eye

Are you still not convinced about the attractions to see in London? The London Eye is here for you! If you have watched the 2005 episode of Rose, you know the iconic wheel we are hinting at. From up above the sky, you get to behold the beauty of the town of London sitting on the tremendously huge observatory wheel at the London Eye.

Don’t miss: Spend some moments of solace beside the Thames River near the London Eye.

9. Hampton Court Palace 

Does the luxury and royalty of old times excite you? Hampton Court Palace will feed your soul and serve you a bucket full of lavish experiences. Amazing photos, mesmerizing sights, tranquil moments, and whatnot. On top of that, when you are at sites like these, you get to explore how things originated and how they are evolving with time.

Don’t miss: Visit the Wimbledon and Richmond underground stations near the Hampton Court Palace.

10. Shakespeare’s Globe Theater 

Do you fancy the vibes of watching historic English plays at an intellectual theater filled with well-read people and artistic souls? Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is your place! Normally, people will spend their nights in London partying, clubbing, or dining. But you can make your night memorable by being one of the audience members of a play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. Do you know why it still falls on the list of famous places to visit in London? Because of its unique interiors and out-of-the-world concepts.

Don’t miss: Click on some Instagrammable snaps at the Millennium Bridge.

London: An Aesthetic Getaway

They define aesthetics as the conception of beauty and art. We define it as London! Being the epitome of charm, London is the perfect destination for a pleasing vacation. But you need one more thing to make your trip terrific. What’s that? An expert tour guide. Being a travel partner loved by thousands, Next Holidays is just a call away from you and you need to make just one call to plan your dream holiday. 

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