How to increase your business opportunities with Magento 2 Improved Import and Export

If you work with Magento 2 you can experience first hand the multiple sales management tools the system leaves at your disposal. In case you are new to the ecommerce industry and have no knowledge of the biggest players, let us show what business state you can achieve with the platform.

Magento 2 provides all means you need to run a successful online store from basic product page configuration to advanced marketing modules. You can ecommerce with Magento 2 with minimum resources and get to the level of a provider who serves clients all over the world.

Yes, you’ve got it right. Magento 2 gives you space for growth. Take your time and season with B2C or scale up by arranging a B2B service from the beginning. Magento 2 allows you to choose any path and excel in building a loyal customer base and run successful sales regardless.

If you aim higher, Magento 2 Commerce is a great means to increase business prospects. With the advanced tools, you can provide individualized service that will satisfy the most demanding clients and create a workflow corresponding to your business needs.

And we know how to enhance Magento 2 B2B experience to a new level.

Improved Import and Export: Magento 2 Commerce booster

FIreBear Magento 2 Improved Import and Export is the choice of any B2B merchant if one looks for stable data management software that can benefit your workflow in numerous cases. The extension is built upon the native import and export functionality and enhances it drastically. With Improved Import and Export, you are able to experience data transfers of a new level of efficiency.

It’s common to use import and export as a means for database updates. Improved Import and Export does that flawlessly and goes far beyond in exploring data transfer opportunities. Adding diversity to familiar native processes in entities, data sources, and file formats supported, the software allows you to connect your Ma00g0ento 2 store with multiple applications out there. And these numerous connections open paths for your B2B business’s unstoppable growth.

All in all, Improved Import and Export provides you with:

  • Advanced data management;
  • Magento 2 and ERP integrations;
  • Magento 2 and CRM integrations;
  • Magento 2 PIM implementation;
  • Magento 2 and Accounting software synchronization;
  • Dropshipping establishment on the base of Magento 2;
  • Omnichannel and PWA enablement within Magento 2.

What do all the integrations mean for your business? By synchronizing your Magento 2 with professional third-party software, you enhance the full lifecycle. While connected accounting software will take care of your finances, taxes, and employee wages, infusing your store functionality omnichannel and PWA resources, you boost your sales and brand awareness and improve workflow.

If you are concerned with making your presence more impactful, you first need to arrange a perfect routine for your business, and this is the case when you turn to ERP and CRM help. Both ERP and CRM suits are focused on increasing your business performance. And these are just the basic benefits! Keep in mind that data management tool abilities are almost limitless!

With ERP solutions, you can support all parts of your B2B business. Starting from production steps all the way to logistics and distribution, the software gives you the ability to control everything. Sales workflow becomes automated to the maximum if you have the right tools connected with your database.

CRM tools cover every field related to human resources and customer management. They can improve your business from outside through noticeable social media activity and impeccable customer service. From the inside, they will help you deal with any issue that may arise within your team.

Magento 2 and ERP/CRM integrations can be characterized by the extreme complexity of those ERP and CRM structures. However, Improved Import and Export breaks down such toolsets into independent elements and synchronizes them with your Magento 2 Commerce/Cloud database through fast and safe native API. Thus, you are able to experience accurate data transfers and get the job done in a shortest possible period.

FireBear makes sure you find the exact solution for your Magento 2 Commerce integration project within their kit. Feel free to browse their site to learn more.