9 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient

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Yeah right! You’ll have no more excuses now

A psychological study was done while trying to determine the art of influence in regards to psychology. Two different groups of homeowners were under study. Each group was told to reduce their home energy consumption but the first was promised a bonus of being published in the newspaper if they made it to ‘best energy-savers’ in their neighborhood. You’d be surprised at the difference between the two groups at the end of the study just because of the little promise of rewards.

While energy consumption in the second group increased, the first group developed an energy-saving habit that was hard to do away with even after learning that there would be no magazine-recognition. We can’t promise you any rewards on our part by making your home more efficient, but you’ll be sure to gain lots of savings while preserving the environment at the end of the day. That’s our happiness and that’s why we bring you the best dyson vacuum. Consider the following simple hacks from different homeowners and personal travel blogs.

1. Smart Meters

Whether you’re using an old antique house or a newer model which doesn’t have pre-installed smart meters, you need this to keep a close watch over your energy consumption. Else, how can you start saving if you don’t even know how much you consume? Consult the best energy providers for more info.

2. Composting

The home comprises of everything including your backyard and that garden that you cherish so much, or do you? It doesn’t require much to start composting which gives you organic means of improving your soil fertility. What’s more, personal travel blogs recommend this as the best homeowner’s exercise.

3. Home Lighting

Throw away the old tungsten bulbs and redo that house with modern energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs. Moreover, you can incorporate LED bulbs which may at first seem expensive but you’ll end up saving so much more pennies – it’s worth it.

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Energy saved is a dollar in your pocket, after all

4. Home Appliances Tip

Perhaps you have the best home appliances for HomeMakerGuide and even got yourself the best Dyson vacuum – it means you have some class in you. Nonetheless, different personal travel blogs show how these home devices could be the main energy squanderers in your house. From now henceforth, always look out for the HE logo (high-efficiency machines) which indicate they have increased energy-saving capabilities. The best Dyson vacuum will always come in this marker as well as make your home habitable while lasting longer than most.

5. Renewable Energy

Using renewable sources of energy even on a small-scale basis is always the best route. Solar panels become useful at this point and even personal travel blogs recommend biogas installation which helps minimize the depreciating environs.

6. Best from Personal Travel Blogs

Both the Department of Energy and the most popular personal travel blogs encourage individuals to constantly have energy audits of their homes. This helps them get quality advice on how to personalize the go-green initiative in their own homes.

7. Up the Chimney

While the best Dyson vacuum helps you keep the draught fresh, most chimneys end up releasing this much-needed air thus losing out on about 4% of energy. This can simply be evaded by closing the chimney – you don’t expect Santa to come in through there, do you?

8. Proper Insulation

Since energy preservation is all about maintaining the indoor heat without much interference from outdoors phenomena, consider full house insulation. You can insulate the walls through cladding like lime render. Using natural carpets on the floor such as coir will not only increase use for the best Dyson vacuum but will also help preserve heat. You can also improve thermal performance by laying out a floating wood floor.

9. Economize

Most Americans are used to posh and extravagance and this might sound like a foreign concept. Nevertheless, it’s quite easy to adapt even if you have a couple of bucks to throw away. Turn off the unused appliances including desktop, TV, refrigerator and chargers not in use. Also, switch off running water if not being used.

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Best way to go green, is to go green!


Once, certain personal travel blogs suggested building yourselves bankers to enable one to maximize underground heat. Well, unless Jeff Bezos is your next of kin, you should consider the methods we’ve listed out for you. What other energy-saving techniques might you have up your sleeve?

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If there was a competition for environmentalists like the MET Gala Awards, the author would get the Nobel price. She started planting trees as young as 3 having learnt the art from her Botanist father. She’s taken quite a lot from that nature man and she’s on the move to make planet earth a little more habitable for everyone, writing about tips via homemakerguide.com.


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