Marijuana Delivery and Social Equity Rules: A Complete Guide

The terms “equity” and “equality” are often used interchangeably. Even though their meanings are similar, to a certain extent, they represent two separate notions. Equality does mean that everyone is treated equally and that, for example, everybody gets the same resources in a society. 

Equity, on the other hand, means that individuals get the resources based on their personal needs. This is done to achieve a better and more fair outcome.

Even though it may seem that treating everybody the same, which is in line with equality, will lead to the best results, in practice, it’s not exactly true. Equality often leads to unequal results. For the best example, we will use the words of Anatole France from 1894.

He states that the law, “in its majestic equality,” will forbid both the rich and the poor to sleep under the bridges, or steal food, or beg for money in the streets. Such a law was based on pure equality, but its outcome is worse for the poor since the rich do not need to beg or sleep under bridges.

Therefore, equitably treating people gives far better results since it involves their personal needs. In the remainder of the text, we’ll focus on the notion of social equity when it comes to weed delivery.

Understanding social equity and weed delivery

When it comes to ordering weed online, most dispensaries are reliable, credible, and fast. The possibilities are numerous, and all you have to do is a little bit of research. Black Rabbit marijuana delivery, for example, works at rabbit speed.

This means that you will get the weed you ordered delivered to you on the same day. Sometimes even within 90 minutes. However, each of the establishments that offers a weed delivery service has to check whether marijuana prohibitions impact them.

Some individuals most impacted by such prohibitions, incarceration, disproportionate arrest, or the War on Drugs, usually apply for SEP (The Social Equity Program). Though not assuring licensure, this program creates pathways to the cannabis industry for the most impacted ones.

It encompasses skill-based training, education, and tools needed for obtaining a license from the Cannabis Control Commission. The two main benefits that SEP includes are:

  1. Free training and technical assistance from vendors who are certified by the Cannabis Control Commission;
  2. A review of the license application for those who hold 10% of ownership in the canna-business;

Before applying for SEP, each manufacturer/dispensary/weed delivery service must first be eligible for it, which we’ll delve into below.

What makes you eligible for a social equity program?

To be eligible for SEP, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Income that is not higher than 400% of the Area Median Income;
  2. Residency of at least five years in the past ten years in an Area of Disproportionate Impact;
  3. African American, Latino, or Hispanic descent;
  4. Past experience in a business practice that promotes economic empowerment in an Area of Disproportionate Impact;

If satisfying any of the above, apply for SEP and secure yourself with social equity in the canna world through the well-established educational programs they offer. 

Marijuana delivery services and why it is the most reliable source

The most important benefit that online weed delivery services have is transparency. Transparency is the key because it will give you the best insight into what you are paying for, whether it’s for medical purposes or just recreational ones. 

Online dispensaries offer numerous reviews on each of their products that are there for you to read and get the right info firsthand. Also, they usually have 24/7 customer service, which is there to answer all of your questions regarding your order.

This applies to both individuals who tend to be customers of such services or tend to open such an establishment. For the shopper and seller alike, the SEP will ensure a safe way if the dispensary is located in an area of social inequity.  


Whether you plan to open an establishment or a weed delivery service, you might want to consider SEP. So even if you are just an individual interested in investing or recreationally digging into the canna world, you might be impacted by marijuana prohibitions.

The Social Equity Program is there for making those with any canna needs be, through equity, equal with those who don’t. Also, with our fact-based description of why ordering weed online or opening a weed delivery service is better than the physical one, you might be more equipped to make the right choice.

After all, staying on the right side of the law and keeping a low profile regarding the cannabis industry is the key. Good luck!