Getting Your Marketing Team to Think Creatively  

Marketing is a huge component of any business. The people on this team are the ones that take an idea and present it to your target audience in the best way possible. Considering this, keeping them motivated and making sure the creative juices are flowing is a must. If you happen to head a marketing team or own a business, you may be looking for ways to give them the boost that they need. You can do so by mixing conventional and unconventional methods if it produces the desired result. Keep reading below to see how you can get your marketing team to think outside of the box.


Some of the most exceptional products and ideas have been birthed on the backs of innovation. Think about how you can get your team to be more innovative if you want out of the box ideas. Below you’ll see a couple of ways that you can encourage innovation.

  • Create a rewards system: To encourage innovation and abstract thinking, you should create a rewards system. Compensate ideas and problem finding as a way to push them to continue developing unique ideas. Knowing the right incentives to give is essential too as different things motivate every employee.
  • Encourage a focus on solutions: Get your employees to begin to see themselves as solutions to challenges you’re facing in marketing and promotion. In doing so, you should find they go above and beyond to problem solve instead of continuously going over the issue and not getting very far.
  • Understand customers: If you want your team to create something ground-breaking, then they need to have an in-depth understanding of their customers. You should be aiming to solve their problems and make their lives more comfortable as well as improve the customer experience. This can’t be done without first understanding their needs.


Another critical component of getting your marketing and promo team to think creatively is giving them the space to play. Encourage exploration and let their minds wander, the same should be done for adults and better still employees. Here are a few ways to get them to think creatively.

  • Let them play games: For some people, playing games is a way to clear their heads and open their minds to great ideas. You can encourage them by giving them time to do anything creative or fun whether it be playing casino games or playing board games with other employees. It could help provide them with a boost and bring out the playful part of them.
  • Brainstorming sessions: Depending on the approach you take; brainstorming sessions can be fun and playful as well. It’s a way to spark creativity and bounce off of one another’s ideas. You should also create a stimulating environment by providing things like nerf darts or ambient noise at moderate levels. However, background chatter can be a significant distraction and hamper the creative process.

Develop Skills

Although creativity is essential, being skilled is arguably equally important too. Find ways to help them grow and develop so that they have something more to put into their marketing and promo efforts. In doing so, you should find that their output makes a significant impact on the overall performance of the company.