What Is MCT Oil and Why It Becomes A Superfood?

MCT oil image 49939In today’s world, people crave for fitness and well-being, which partly explains why there has been a steady increase in the use of as well as interest in certain oils. Different people prefer different types of oil, and they have their reasons behind it.

Amongst the most popular oil types including coconut and olive oil, there stands an option that’s trending nowadays – we call it MCT oil. In the text below, we have explained what MCT oil is and some of the benefits related to it.

What is MCT oil?

The letters MCT in this context stand for medium-chain triglycerides. This is a type of fat we have created by combining triglycerides from coconut and palm oil. Triglycerides, formed from glycerol and three groups of fatty acids, are the main constituents of natural fats and oils.

MCT oil exists in the form of medium chains, as opposed to plain palm or coconut oil, which comprise long chain structures. Why do people prefer MCT oil? Mainly because the medium-chain structure in MCT oil is made up of 6-8 carbon atoms, which means that it takes less time to digest than long-chain structures.

This type of oil fills your body with pure energy. It does not contain sugar or other ingredients that health-conscious individuals try to steer away from. As it is digested rapidly, it turns into a fuel for the human body considerably faster than most other ingredients. The human body is less likely to store this type of fat compared to its longer-chain counterparts. This makes it very popular for, for example, bodybuilders and other individuals who want to be carrying as little fat as possible.

Since this type of oil is made from coconut, it’s a good choice for any diet, including a plant-based diet and keto.

Benefits of MCT oil

Different types of MCTs (precisely four in number) have their unique benefits. Below are some of the benefits related to MCT oil.

Assists in weight loss:

Obese individuals and other people who need to lose a significant amount of bodyweight should consider including this oil in their diet. MCT oil has been found to enhance levels of certain hormones such as peptide YY and leptin. These hormones give us a feeling of satiety, i.e., a feeling of being full. In other words, it helps people who tend to overeat to reduce their food intake. Eating less contributes significantly to weight loss.

When people’s bodies turn stored fat into energy and consume it, their overall fat levels decline. In other words, they become slimmer.

If you are obese or overweight, you should consider adding this oil to your diet as part of your weight-loss program. It could help you reach your target weight. More of the weight loss benefits, appetite control, and the best types to choose can be found in this guide.

Provides instant energy:

In addition to fat loss, MCT oil can serve as an important source of instant energy. MCTs can easily enter our cells without having to be broken down. This means that we can use them as a rapid source of energy.

The liver can convert MCTs into ketones. This will be of particular interest to people on a keto (ketogenic) diet. Ketones are a useful source of energy for our brain cells because they can travel straight through the blood-brain barrier.

Helps in managing severe health problems:

According to some studies, MCT oil as part of a keto diet may help people with epilepsy reduce the severity and frequency of seizures.

According to one animal study using laboratory rats, MCT blocked brain receptors associated with seizures. However, the researchers insisted that further larger studies were required before they could come to any definite conslusion.

Fights growing bacteria and yeast:

It has been shown that MCT oil possesses the power to reverse microbial and fungal effects. Certain types of bacteria and fungi are responsible for several health problems and infections in the human body. The oil undermines the growth of some of these microorganisms.

These are some of the reasons many people are referring to MCT oil as a superfood.