Michael Gove appointed as Justice Secretary

Michael Gove, MP for Surrey Heath and former Chief Whip, has been appointed as Justice Secretary, replacing Chris Grayling.

Chris Grayling will have a new role as leader of the House.

Mr Gove will oversee the Conservative Party’s pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act, replacing the European legislation with a British Bill of Rights.

Michael Gove

With a British Bill of Rights the UK courts and Parliament, as opposed to European institutions, will have the final say in contentious cases.

A Conservative majority government means that Gove is free from the constraints of the coalition.

Mr Cameron wants to rework Britain’s relationship with Brussels, redraw constituency boundaries and introduce his five-year tax freeze.

George Osborne reappointed as Chancellor

George Osborne was reappointed as Chancellor, as well as first secretary of state – in effect deputy prime minister.

George Osborne

Osborne will have a key role in Mr Cameron’s planned EU renegotiation from the Treasury.

Other cabinet appointments

Theresa May will remain as home secretary. Philip Hammond stays on as Foreign Secretary. Michael Fallon stays as defence secretary.

Mark Harper has been appointed Chief Whip.

Other cabinet appointments will be made today.


European Commission president congratulated Mr. Cameron on his victory

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, congratulated Mr Cameron on his election victory on Friday.

He said: “I stand ready to work with you to strike a fair deal for the UK in the EU.”