Most Expensive Casino Properties In The World

Some people will view casinos as a place for fun, and socialization and a place where some dreams can come true if you manage to strike it lucky. Others visit casinos and don’t have the same feelings, never stepping foot in one ever again. Either way, you look at it, the casino culture is a very strong one with their influence undeniable.

But one thing not a lot of people realize is the cost of buying or creating a casino. Whilst online casinos – like the ones you can see available at Casinos IN – have a much lower start-up cost, brick-and-mortar casinos have absolutely astronomical costs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the eye-watering figures from the most expensive casinos on the planet:

The Cosmopolitan – Las Vegas

Las Vegas is seen as the spiritual home of gambling and the absolute pinnacle of casino culture. Featuring prominently in different forms of media, it’s hard to not think of casinos and instantly think of ‘Sin City’ as it’s affectionately known. 

The Blackstone Group launched one of the most expensive casinos ever made back in 2010 – The Cosmopolitan. Situated right next to the famous Bellagio, the building cost a massive $3.9 Billion and isn’t just a casino, but a fully enclosed complex.

You’ll find pure luxury inside. There’s a hotel that has over 3,000 rooms for guests to stay at, a casino floor that’s a huge 110,000 Sq. feet and over 1,500 different slot machines to enjoy. Let’s not forget the 80 different table games as well! 

Overall, The Cosmopolitan takes up 9 acres of land and offers much more than just casino games. There are various different bars to drink at, different pools to swim in, bars and drinks lounges and a whole number of restaurants to enjoy.. This takes the brick and mortar gaming experience to the next level.

Resort World Sentosa – Singapore

We’re over to the other side of the World – Singapore – with this entry, which is based on a resort island. The Sentosa is a luxury casino complex that also has the only Universal Studios theme park you can find in Southeast Asia. An interesting aside – This theme park has the largest aquarium on the planet. 

Obviously, this luxury came at a steep cost to build. And by steep we mean $4.5 billion! The owner is a part of the Genting Group – Genting Singapore – and the Sentosa was built in 2010.

There’s an absolute bucketload to do here. From staying at any one of the 6 hotels, each with its own theme, to a relaxing visit to the Spa Villa, the whole resort is family-friendly so everyone in the family can have fun. 

City of Dreams – Macau

The City of Dream is situated in Cotai, Macau, opening in 2009 and costing over $2.4 billion to build, ranking it as one of the most expensive casinos on Earth.

Owned by the Melco Resorts and Entertainment group, the City of Dreams offers plenty to guests: the choice of 3 superb hotels, a number of premium restaurants and even a world-famous bar that attracts musical acts from all over the globe.

Wynn Palace – Macau

Another casino resort situated in Macau, The Wynn Palace is owned by the Wynn group and cost an estimated $4.2 billion. As you can expect, the resort houses not just a casino, but plenty of other amenities and activities as well, something we have come to expect after seeing what the previously mentioned land casinos provide.

You’ve got over 200 different tables for table games, with a special VIP section just for high rollers to test their luck and skill. Add to that a 28-floor hotel with 1700+ rooms, a small shopping mall and even a 15,000 seater theater and you quickly see how the resort cost so much!

Encore – Las Vegas

Finally, we have another casino in Vegas, Encore. Also owned by the Wynn Resorts Group, Encore cost around $2.3 billion to build and is notorious for winning Forbes awards for its sheer excellence. 

You’ve got luxurious accommodation in the hotel, a spa that has won awards, some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas, a gym, and of course a world-class casino. 


As you can see, companies spare no expenses when it comes to creating these luxury establishments, with many of them not just offering a place to enjoy casino games, but also various facilities that people can enjoy. These things add up to create the unforgettable experiences guests have as soon as they enter the doors of these resorts.

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