Fire Suppression: Novec 1230 VS FM200

Fire is one of the biggest known reasons listed among accidents and damage in offices and companies, and it is why it is also one of the most critical aspects that the companies work on regarding prevention. In the case of fire, the most important factor that can help in avoiding damage is quick response time and that can only be achieved through automated fire systems.

Novec 1230 VS FM200

Novec 1230 fire extinguishing system is one of the most popular and effective systems that one can install in a company to prevent damage from fire. The fire extinguishing system suppresses heat, oxygen, and fuel source, which are the major reasons that help the fire to spread rapidly. Also, since it does not have any kind of adverse effects, it can easily be installed anywhere in the office and even in places where employees occupy the space.

Fire Suppression - Novec 1230 VS FM200
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In case of a fire, Novec 1230 helps in controlling it almost immediately and as soon as the fire gets extinguished, it evaporates and leaves no residue behind. This turns out to be very beneficial when we compare it to an old fire extinguishing system which leaves a lot of residue behind after being used.

FM200 Fire Suppression

The FM200 fire suppression is also known as HFC227ea and is one of the best waterless fire protection systems for companies and offices. The effectiveness of this fire system is such that it can quickly detect a fire within ten seconds and immediately suppress it without leaving any kind of harmful effects on humans. Due to these factors and the kind of effective design it has, the fire suppressant system can be used almost anywhere in the office.

While there are many options when it comes to automated fire suppression systems, not all can provide the same effective results as the Novec fire suppression. When we compare the Novec fire suppression and FM200, both of them are very critical to control fire in the office and can effectively suppress fire almost immediately without letting the fire get out of control and without the need for human intervention.

Out of all the available option in automated fire extinguishers, the Novec 1230 is one of the best options, especially if you do not need the extinguishing system to leave a mess to be cleaned around after it has been used in case of fire.

The only limitation that could counter the effectiveness of Novec 1230 is the availability of the refill. Since it is rare, the refilling system might take a lot of time, as you will not find many refilling centers. It is the only limitation that makes FM200 better and easier to use than the Novec 1230.

What is Automatic Fire Suppression?

When it comes to a fire system, the only disadvantage of a human-controlled fire extinguishing system is that the response time of the human might not remain the same all the time and could have a slight bit of delay in response which could cause further damage. With the automated fire system in place, one can be assured that the fire will be detected within seconds and this fast response time remains the same every time. It is why automated fire extinguishing systems are a must in every office and company.

If you are thinking about placing a fire extinguishing system in the office, then the best choice obviously would be the automated fire extinguishing system. Since it is tested multiple times before being implemented in the companies, one can be assured that in case of a fire, the system will automatically suppress it without any delays and preventing any kind of damage to human life.