Now Finding a Top-Rated Personal Tax or Chartered Accountant in the US is Quite Effortless

A personal tax accountant and a CPA are the two most sought after designations here in the US and the world over, among a majority of enterprises that want to effectively manage their business accounting needs. An accountant looks into the affairs of bookkeeping, payroll services, final accounts (credit & debit) and depreciation, apart from maintaining the bills, records, transactions and financial statements. Whereas, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) looks into the more critical aspects of accounting, such as yearly tax preparation, IRS tax audits, filing IT returns, financial consulting, business advisory services, budgeting advice, preparing annual reports, and more. An accountant can be of great help to any business that is looking for filing tax returns, by preparing for it. An accountant may also assist with tax preparation, along with other duties like bookkeeping services & managing the payroll of a company. It is to check for accuracy and authenticity of records, by looking through the expense of a company and the cash transactions, which is further carried on to the accounts ledger. And, how to find one such professional or firm near you? Visit the website of Ageras if you’re looking for an audit, tax or business accounting service provider.

Who is a Tax Accountant or a CPA?

A tax accountant is one that looks into the books of a company, maintains a balance sheet, profit & loss account, and keeps a record of all the daily monetary transactions, including the bills, records, statements, money receipts, cheque slips and all other financial records that are of high monetary value. The role of an accountant is to check and match the income and expenditure of a company, based upon which future investment decisions are taken by the management of an organization. Similarly, a certified Public Accountant or a CPA is to assist in yearly tax preparation, IRS audit preparation, financial & tax advisory services, helping in filing returns, and much more. The scope of work is diverse, and one needs to be fully qualified, certified and licensed to perform the role of a CPA. The main roles of a general tax accountant are auditing, bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation. This is in sharp contrast with that of a certified public accountant (CPA) whose primary function is to effectively assist a company or organization for an external IRS tax audit, file income tax returns and help prepare a tax file. So, you can well understand why the task is cut out for a CPA and much more refined than that of a personal tax accountant that looks into the affairs of daily business transactions.

Company accountants can be of various types, such as cost accountants, tax accountants, forensic accountants, auditors, financial advisors, financial consultants, investment accountants and certified public accountants (CPAs). Depending upon your needs, you can choose a professional or a firm that can handle all your tax related matters in the most professional and flawless manner. So, why not look online for an outsourcing service finding partner that can help look for a tax accountant or a CPA for managing all your company’s corporate accounting requirements.

How the Process of Finding a CPA Works?

With a financial marketplace like Ageras, everything is so simple, easy and effortless. The only thing that you need to do here is to fill up an online form, clearly mentioning your requirements, and they offer you 3 ‘non-binding’ quotes within a span of 48 hours flat. Therefore, if you’re looking for a certified public accountant near me for you, one such agency can be of great help. With access to a wide network of chartered accountancy firms or chartered accountants, auditors, personal tax accountants, tax preparers & CPAs, it can easily help find your professional or firm that best suits your accounting & audit requirements. The online form is available on their website, and you can easily fill out with all the detailed job roles or descriptions that you’re looking for. They go on to match your job description with the profiles of CPAs and chartered accountancy firms, handpicking for you the best certified public accountants to compare. As a business owner, you can select the one that precisely fits your role; else you can pass and move on.

Who Requires the Services of a CPA or a Tax Accountant?

Mostly freelancing professionals, small business owners, manufacturing firms and non-profit organizations like schools, colleges, universities and hospitals also require their services. It is to maintain a record of all their daily, weekly or monthly transactions performed. Wherever there’s a cash dealing happening between two concerned parties or individuals, there ought to be a book of records or a ledger to keep a track of all these monetary transactions, which help in filing IT returns at the end of the year. Most importantly, as a company owner or an entity, you’re able to assess and evaluate your financial standing in the market, your available resources in-hand, and thereafter think about any further investment, based upon the findings of an accountant or a CPA. As large organizations already have a dedicated account & sales department that looks into all the aspects of bookkeeping, payroll, audit & tax preparation, on the contrary it is the small entities that can’t afford to have the luxury of a dedicated accounting team or department. They rather focus on their core-business and leave this part to a third-party vendor. This is exactly where registered agencies like “Ageras” can help find a perfect accounting or audit firm that can easily manage all your corporate accounting needs in a professional way. This is how small businesses & NGOs can save a lot of money by not having a dedicated payroll services or an accounts department.


So, all you business owners, corporate, entities and small organizations that are looking for the services of a certified public accountant near you, can always visit a marketplace like Ageras”that can help find some of the top-rated personal tax accountants, external auditors, tax preparers and CPAs in your city in the US. They have a reliable and a wide network of resources that can professionally handle your request about a certain job profile and look for the best accounting firms nearby that perfectly matches with your company or business requirements. You ask for IRS tax auditors, tax preparers, personal accountants or a CPA, you get all covered by one such reputable agency.

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