Why Online Grocery Shopping is Becoming More and More Popular

It’s one thing to have your food delivered to your doorstep because you just don’t feel like going out, but it’s another thing to get your grocery delivered too. More and more delivery services are expanding to grocery delivery.

KPMG International published a study they conducted about grocery shoppers. They found that at least 48% of grocery shoppers in the US are already purchasing some of their grocery items online. They also found that 59% of Americans are interested with buying their groceries online this year.

Online grocery shopping allows you to check everything off your grocery list simply right in front of a computer or your phone at home or even wherever you are. You pick from the virtual aisles that online grocery stores prepared for you, check out, and wait for your delivery.

With shopping for groceries online set to continue to bloom in 2019, here are the most common reasons why you yourself should consider online grocery shopping.

Shopping from the comfort of your home or anywhere you decide to

This is most probably why most people would shop for groceries online. The convenience of having to buy anything you need without having to drive your way to a store. There’s no need for you to walk around a big place to get everything you need.

This could also be very convenient if you live far from a grocery shop and only need a few items. This will save you time and money for gas. You don’t even need to be at home to get what you need. Even if you’re in the office or at the park and need your groceries delivered by the time you get home, purchasing them online is a good way to go.

If you still have the time to drop by the store, you can still shop online and just schedule your pick-up time.

Easier to keep track of how much you’re spending

When shopping for groceries and you’re on a budget, you have to admit that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of how much you’re building up in your shopping cart. Yes, you can track how much you will be paying on the checkout counter with your phone’s calculator, but this will just really consume a bit more of your time.

What’s nice about having a virtual cart is you get to see how much you’ve already shopped even before checking out. You can even pick anything you want and just review what’s in your cart to see what you can get rid of before you check out.

What’s also a good way to look for the best prices is how you can filter items that are on sale, or items that have the lowest price. This will enable you to take advantage of the promos and discounts that an online grocery shop is offering.

No more long lines to check out

One of the things you might be dreading when going to an actual grocery store is the line to check out. There will be times when all counters are not open and so lines are just really building up. This is also the case when there’s a sale.

Definitely, this convenience is what people enjoy when shopping online. You just shop, pay, and wait for your order to be delivered. There’s no need for you to organize everything that’s in your cart. No more hassle of putting many bags or boxes in your car and get them out to place inside your home or kitchen.

Convenient way to pay

Just like how it is in an actual supermarket or grocery shop, most online stores use a grocery ecommerce software that lets you choose different payment options to pay for your goods. You can either use your credit or debit card. Some would even allow cash on delivery.

Pick items based on what you previously purchased

Shopping by history is perfect if you plan on buying the same thing on the same online store. There’s no need for you to browse their catalogue as you can just check your previous purchases to have them added in your cart again.

With all these perks that you can enjoy when shopping online, it’s just easier to handle a busy schedule nowadays. Whether you’re busy because of work or your family, this solution is just perfect. The time that you always spend on going to grocery shops can then be changed to more time with your family or even your hobbies.