Can Outsourcing the Mailroom Save Your Company Money?

Did you know that 59 percent of businesses outsource essential company services to save money?

Mailing is one of the vital services which firms outsource. Even with the digital tools, it’s still overwhelming to sort, process, and reply to hundreds of new invoices and documents in a firm’s mailroom.

Companies that outsource their mailroom services enjoy more operations efficiency, in addition to time savings. But can outsourcing save your company money?

The answer to whether you can save or not depends on the third-party mailroom service you hire and the quality of mailroom service you want.

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Is Outsourcing Right for You?

You have probably been outsourcing other services in your firms, but you have never tried mailroom outsourcing. Therefore, do not assume that the results you get from the different departments will translate to mailroom outsourcing. Consider the mail outsourcing service only when:

  • Your current employees are too busy and can’t manage the mail and courier services
  • There is no progress/improvement in your direct mailing services department
  • Your employees no longer produce fresh ideas in your mailing services department
  • You can’t get a professional employee with the mailroom management skills you want
  • You want to cut the costs you spend on the mailroom services
  • You are losing important sales because of poor processes
  • You don’t have the digital mailing tools and services

If outsourcing is the ideal option for you, brainstorm with your team to determine the possible return on investment for the process.

How to Measure the ROI for Mailroom Outsourcing Services

You can estimate the return on investment for outsourcing direct mailing services, to know how much the project will save your money. To measure, you should first determine the cost-benefit analysis.

Write down rough estimates of the costs you will incur by hiring the third-party service provider. Also, find out the possibility of incurring additional hidden costs, which the firms may not include in the price quote. The additional costs include the cost of hiring, transport, creating the contrast, and so on.

Once you add your total possible expenses, write the expected benefits that you will enjoy from the service. You can measure the value of the profits by using both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Qualitative measurements are not easy, and it might be necessary to involve your team to brainstorm together. If the benefits outweigh the outsourcing expenses, then you can go ahead and hire the mailroom service providers.

How Mailroom Outsourcing Can Save Money for Your Firm

Mailroom outsourcing has proven to cut business operation costs in many firms. You, too, can enjoy those benefits if you plan well, and hire the right third-party service providers. Here are compelling ways in which mailroom outsourcing can help you cut costs.

Low Hiring Costs

The in-house hiring process consumes a lot of money. You have to finance recruitment adverts and train new employees.

At times, you may even hire recruitment services to help you acquire the right mailroom employees. Mailroom outsourcing can help you cut those interviewing and screening costs.

Better Operations

Mailroom third-party firms consist of experienced mailroom experts. They are trained, and most importantly, they have the expertise you need for your mail operations.

Therefore, you can rely on them for the complex operations in your business. Your in-house team will concentrate on normal activities, and you will enjoy better operational efficiency in your industry.

Latest Technology at Affordable Prices

Your mailroom requires the latest technological equipment to maximize efficiency. The digital tools would be too costly to buy or hire.

Third-party mailroom service providers have those tools; thus, you don’t have to invest in anything. This means that you will always enjoy the latest technology at the most affordable price.

Pay Per Service

In-house direct mailing professionals have a long-lasting attachment. Many times, you will end up spending money on poor services.

Third-party service providers only charge for the hours they work. If they work for ten hours, they will pay for exactly that, which is way cheaper than the monthly payment commitment.

How to Cut Mailroom Outsourcing Costs and Save More Money

The outsourcing process doesn’t have to be costly. You only need to use the right tricks to reduce your expenses and get your investments’ best value. Follow these tips to cut the costs of outsourcing:

Be Clear With Instructions

Every business has its needs, and the professionals may not know what you want unless you tell them. For best results, schedule a one-on-one meeting and give out your instructions. A clear scope will reduce the possibility of mistakes, which increase outsourcing costs.

Look for Managed Projects

There are two main types of mailroom services: the managed, and the non-managed. The managed services are more convenient and can save you both money and time. The team will have its managers, and you will have little involvement in the mailroom activities.


Your mailroom service provider will give you a price quote for the service. It’s not fixed, and you can save substantial amounts by negotiating. Understand the costs involved and ask for better terms. You will be surprised how much you can save by negotiating.

Embrace the Multi-Sourcing Strategy

Don’t stick to the same old mail service provider, mainly if you are no longer comfortable with their terms. Compare what other professionals offer, and choose the most affordable. The multi outsourcing strategy will also expose you to a wider talent pool.

Understand Your Rights

A few mailroom service providers might want to overcharge you. Others might also hesitate to sign the agreement contract. As the client, you have the right to know the costs, the hidden charges, and any other agreement which affects you.

If you know your rights and fight for them, you will reduce the costly inconveniences and disagreements that might arise.

Hire an Experienced Mailroom Service Provider

Outsource your mailroom services from the most reputable firm in your state. Carry out a background check on their experience level, qualifications, and success rates. The experienced service provider will guarantee the best results within the shortest period.

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