Petrified fish fossil photographed on Mars claims UFO seeker

A fish fossil – a petrified fish – has been photographed by NASA’s Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars, claims a UFO seeker, who is convinced that not only has there been life on Mars, but also that the Red Planet is currently seething with creatures.

Last Thursday, Scott C Waring, who runs the blog UFO Sightings Daily, published an article where he claims he found a petrified fish lying on the Red Planet’s surface.

The high-quality image, Mr. Waring says, clearly shows that Mars has had a wide variety of life forms on its surface.

Petrified fish on MarsIn this image, Mr. Waring has coloured the ‘petrified fish’ so that we can see it better. What do you think – a fish fossil or just another rock? (Image:

The image of the alleged petrified salmon- or shark-like fish was taken using Curiosity’s navigation camera on 23rd March this year, in the vicinity of SOL 1290.

He refers this story to the ‘one that didn’t get away, because a reel expert can tackle anything.’

Mr. Waring says he is glad he managed to post the picture on his blog, otherwise he doubts anybody would have believed him. Most people believe Curiosity captured the image – it is doubtful that all of them agree that it is of a petrified fish.

Mars used to have vast oceans

Mr. Waring points out that NASA has already told us that Mars used to have oceans, just like our planet has today.”I guess this petrified fish is proof of that.”

Original image of the petrified fishThis is the original NASA image. (Image:

Mr. Waring added:

“Look closely and you will see the tail fin and the fin ridge that starts at the lower back fin and moves all the way to the fish’s stomach.”

He coloured the fish to make it stand out. It is about half-a-metre long – the size of a salmon or bass.

He believes this petrified fish explains the three different boats he has identified from NASA pictures of Mars’ surface over the past year.

If everything Mr. Waring has so far spotted on photographs from Mars were true, the planet has a small camel with a giant gorilla-type friend, a series of alien underground bases, a mouse with eyes and very large ears, and an engraving of the face of the Assyrian and Babylonian god of wisdom (Nabu).

Regarding NASA’s expenses, Mr. Waring wrote:

“I do feel NASA went overboard with their $2 billion fishing equipment to catch this one, but its definitely worth mounting on the wall.”

Last year, scientists from NASA and the European Space Agency said they believe that Mars had so much water about 4.3 billion years ago that it might have covered much of the planet in a massive ocean.

They believe the ocean would have been in the northern hemisphere, where the surface is lower.

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