Policygenius Life Insurance Review

Any responsible adult knows enough to buy many kinds of insurance. There are homeowners’ or renters’ insurance and of course car insurance. These are required if you have a mortgage or loan. Health insurance is especially important. If you own a business, boat, or valuable collectibles, you want to have those covered too. You just don’t know that life will throw at you and it pays to be prepared. The one nobody wants to talk about is life insurance but it is every bit as important as the others. When you do pass, you want your funeral costs covered and to be sure your loved ones are provided for. Leaving them with a burden while they are mourning is the last thing you want to do.

Policygenius Life Insurance

An independent, online insurance broker, Policygenius can help bring you access to most major insurance companies so you can purchase the policy you need at a good price. Founded in 2014, Policygenius has experienced steady growth. There are many companies selling insurance online. Policygenius has advantages that may benefit you. Learn about them in a review of Policygenius insurance.

The Way It Works

Rather than selling you its own policies, Policygenius presents you with premiums from more than two dozen prominent insurance companies. This also you to shop around effortlessly and find the best deal. You begin by entering your gender, date of birth, and zip code online. You may need to answer a few additional questions about your overall health, depending on the type of insurance policy you are looking for. Should you need help, you can chat live with an agent who will answer any questions you may have.

The Next Step

Once all of your relevant information has been successfully entered, you will be presented with several offers from insurance companies in your area. They will be set up side-by-side so you can compare the premiums and what each policy offers. With the information in front of you, can decide which policy suits you best.

Buying a Policy

Once you’ve made a choice, you can apply online through a secure process. You fill out an application for the policy and company that you chose. Once the application is accepted and you make your down payment, you are insured. Policygenius is a free service. It makes its money through commissions from the insurance companies. It also offers a blog section with articles that can help you make your choice.

Types of Life Insurance Available

Life insurance is vital to a family’s financial security. There are several types. The best one depends on your needs. At Policygenius you can buy:

  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Variable Life
  • Variable Universal Life
  • Term Life
  • Accelerated Life

Life insurance is a must-have. It can be expensive and time-consuming to shop around for the best deal. With your busy lifestyle, you don’t have that kind of time. Policygenius has done the leg work. Visiting their website and providing your basic information will present you with a group of offers. You can then choose the one you like best and apply. Fast and simple.

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